Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recommendation of the Week: 06/06/10- 06/13/10

'Surrender to a Scoundrel' by Julianne MacLean
"No woman can resist him. . .
Lord Martin Langdon takes pride in his scandalous reputation as a scoundrel, and he considers the art of seduction a most rewarding pastime. So when this dashing rakehell learns of a particularly beautiful woman who is "impossible to flirt with," Martin is determined to prove that not even the prim and proper Evelyn Wheaton can resist his charms.
Except one.
Evelyn knows all about the reckless rogue's shocking reputation and she wants nothing to do with him. She may be looking for a husband, but Martin is certainly not a candidate. The smoldering looks he sends her way, however, are a different matter entirely. She suspects there is great passion to be had if she'd throw caution to the wind and surrender to this scoundrel . . . but dare she risk her heart?
And will Martin, who hides a most tormented past, find true love at last?"Source
-In my opinion, it was thoroughly entertaining, with a dash of wickedness. A great Sunday night read!

-Read an excerpt: here

This is your Recommendation for the Week of June 6th,2010 thur June 13th,2010
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  1. I started with MacLean's book with her debut, TO MARRY THE DUKE, the first in the American Heiress series. My favorite in that series was the second one, an affair most wicked. A wicked scene in the carriage :) I heard she has highlander series coming out. I've not read this one above, only one of a couple I haven't read of hers so I must Thanks for the recommendation! I think we like alot of the same!

  2. Isn't it funny how we remember old favorite reads by our favorite, steamy scenes in them, Caffey? I always recognize Johanna Lindsey's 'The Devil Who Tamed Her' by that hot and steamy scene in the carriage as they were stranded on the side of the road in the cold, half freezing to death. And my all-time favorite, 'It Happened One Autumn' by LK, by the cutest scene with a drunk Lillian and a pear in an odd shaped decanter ;*)/ I am glad the RotW was one that you haven't read yet, because that means it's doing it's job. I try to steer away from recent 2000's and check out old releases from like 2005 by certain authors; maybe titles most haven't come across when it first came out. Sometimes we discover an Author late in the game, and their older works speak to us more then their currents! If we share a similar taste in books; that's all the better... means we are extremely picky and will get along famously on here, lol! / Make sure to post your opinion after you've read it; I'd love to hear what you think!



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