Favorite Books

For a true reader (or better yet, an addict), the questions of "What's Your Favorite Book?"  is an impossible one. Just when you read the novel that rocks your world, another one swoops in and blows your mind. Authors can either disappoint or leave you breathless. That's the magic of literature. It hold's a power over us that evokes an empathy for the characters and before we know it, we're so emotionally invested in a novel, that when we reach the last page, we feel like we've just returned home from a long journey. And essential, that's what reading is; one journey after another. Here are some titles that have taken me away from it all for a few hours and that I just can't live without!

~*~Top Honor~*~
-While I won't say directly that this is my favorite book, I will say that it holds a special place in my heart. Books have come and gone that have been better than this one.But still, this particular novel will hold the title of, if not 'favorite', than 'most dear'.
~*~(Other)Favorite Reads~*~


Derek says: "Look! You found a quote,
now go find the others so we can rock
out at RomCon11'!"

***RomCon Giveaway Quote***
from The Rake and the Recluse

"She looked at her hand and felt the heat of him sinking in to her and pulled it back before looking up to his stern face. Compose? She thought as she concentrated on that warmth, then her eyes snapped to his. “Compose this jackass!”"


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