Saturday, June 5, 2010

5 Memorable Quotes

-"Some guys loved a woman only as long as loving her was easy." from 'My Sunshine' by Cathrine Anderson, pg.

-"Any man," she muttered, "who wanted to marry into the Hathaway family after this should be shut away in an institution"
"'Marriage is an institution" he said reasonably" -from 'Mine till Midnight' by:Lisa Kleypas, pg 339

-"Uncomfortably she announced, "I'm sorry,I didn't mean to pry." he replied "Of course you did. It's human nature to pry"'-from 'Home For The Holidays' by Johanna Lindsey; pg.29

-"But then she met his eyes, and it was there, the promise of what could have been, and what could be, if she'd just let it happen."-from 'A Loving Scoundrel' by Johanna Lindsey; pg.206

-"Every touch was exquisite torture"-from 'It Happened One Autumn' by Lisa Kleypas; back cover


  1. love this blog.. a treat to all book lovers....:)))))

  2. Thanks Anonymous =), it's a real treat to write for all you guys ! Glad to have you as a reader!



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