Friday, August 17, 2012

A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare –Review-

Enchanting. Exciting. Hilarious; just a few adjectives to describe Tessa Dare’s A NIGHT TO SURRENDER. From the magnetic characters to the delightful-and sometimes dangerous- scenarios, this story truly captivates on all grounds.

After suffering a nearly career-ending injury to his leg, Lieutenant Colonel Victor Bramwell is determined to prove he’s capable of leading a regime and make his way back to the frontlines of the war despite the doubts of his superiors. His final resort lands him and two wagons of supplies for his regime trapped on an English mountainside by a most dangerous impediment- sheep. Along with his mountainesque Corporal Throne and rakish, devil-may-care cousin/ward Colin some hilarious hijinks involving explosions and sheep stampedes commences; But the livestock won’t be the last to have their peace and tranquility disturbed by this motley crew.


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