Tuesday, June 29, 2010

M.Y.C day releases for June 2010

   As you all know, each month, I come out with a list of releases that you should look out for.While compiling my picks, I noticed that for each month, there always seems to be one day where the number of great new releases are bundled up. I have taken to calling such days with these occurrences M.Y.C days. M.Y.C stands for Mark Your Calendar, and should you be hoping to kill multiple birds with one stone, the M.Y.C day is that time to do it.
   In June 2010, the M.Y.C day is Tuesday, June 29th 2010 (TODAY). That day is upon us now, so hire your hackney and mosey on down to ye ole Barnes&Noble to get your copy of the following titles (as featured in the Coming Soon: Anticipated Releases for June 2010):

1.) 'My Dangerous Duke' by Gaelen Foley
2.) 'Love In The Afternoon' by Lisa Kleypas
3.) 'The Brazen Bride' by Stephanie Laurens
4.) 'A Groom Of One's Own' by Maya Rodale
5.) 'I Kissed An Earl' by Julie Anne Long
6.) 'The Duke's Captive' by Adele Ashworth

I hope you enjoy your day and add a few of these wonderful titles to your bookshelf.

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