Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Announcement!!! Get Ready For June With Julia Quinn!

So excited to be doing my Series Spotlight here on the blog. As you all know, this month (June 2010), our Author of the Month is none other than Julia Quinn. She's the type of author whose works are on auto-buy for me. EVERY single book by her is gold. But there is one set, specifically, which everyone seems insatiably enamored with. Her Bridgerton Series is one that launched on-to the scene and stole the hearts of all her readers across the globe. It deserves to be recognized in grand fashion!

So, this month will be June With Julia Quinn; a look at one of her most well-known and beloved series.

*Every Friday this month, I will be reviewing a book from the Bridgerton series (in order). Seeing as there are 8 books and only 4 Fridays in the month of June, I will be doubling up on the posts each Friday.


*Also planning to create a special, commemorative quiz on facebook. 'Which Bridgerton Are You?';and what ever else I can do to make this month (and blog) seriously JQ-crazed!
* Read more about this fabulous series by Julia Quinn on her website
-There is a section on the site that has everything you need, want or should know about the Bridgertons. Just click: here

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