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   I started this blog with a few intentions in mind. a.) Find lovers of Romance out there to gush with! b.) Review books and give my opinion on which books are the 'bee's knees' c.) Interact with a variety of well-versed readers/writers d.) Discuss the questions I never get the chance to broach in real life with friends or family.
   There are a lot of components that fueled my motivation for the creating/maintaining of this blog, but in no way are they by the influence of ANY outside sources .Thus, all the material I review or mention on this blog are of my own inclination and have, under no circumstances, been solicited or induced illegally by anything or anyone. I receive no monetary compensation for the publishing of this blog and pretty much do it on my own accord.
   I am very amiable and accepting to receiving copies of any books or being requested to write my unbiased review on them; but I take what I do very seriously and positive reviews can not and will not be given unless the writing warrants it by MY own estimations.
   I work very hard and long on my reviews and with updating the blog with fresh material. All original content belongs to me, HistoricalRomanceJunkie, and should be given the proper respect and credit if disseminated anywhere (with my consent which can be obtained by sending me a simple email). I reserve the right to take all legal action afforded to me should plagiarism or copyright infringement become a problem and I also reserve the right to hunt you down and kick your ass if you disrespect my sanctity in the freedom of speech and steal any content that has been created by me.
Sorry for the legal mambo jumbo, but this is 2010 (when I am writing this). I take pride in my work and operate under honorable dedication!

Signed (if a simply retyping of my user name is sufficient),
Historical Romance Junkie

For All Intents And Purposes:
*Any giveaways that are held on this blog are assumed restricted to US and Canada Residents unless otherwise noted in the actual post.
*All Books Reviewed are either purchased with my own money, checked out from my local library, downloaded after an accepted request via Netgalley, or sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. I do not work for any publishers, publicists, or third-parties who would stand to benefit in anyway from the content I post. This is for fun people, not a job.
*I am an amazon affiliate and therefore all links to amazon products on this blog may contain a tag that credits me with a small percentage of a purchase. Know that any and all monies obtained through affiliate links will go towards giveaways and shipping to winners. So buy buy buy! ;)

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