Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Month, New Material- June 2010

It's June!
   What does that mean? Rowdy, hormonal, sugar-addicts, also known as your children and teenagers, will be finishing up the school year. Also, the high school seniors in your lives (I count myself in that number) will be saying goodbye to adolescents and facing a new world and new challenges.

    Many of you followers of the blog are parents, and obviously, June will be a month of transition and acceptance. The kiddies will need some distraction so that they don't get into TOO much mischief, but you guys will need some distraction as well. Use the summer as a period of restoration.Take a trip to the spa, go camping with loved ones, do something adventurous and life-defining if the desire so compelled you.
   During this month, I plan to keep on as I've been keeping on. More reviews and what not, but I also want to get more personal. I want to dive into the Romance Reading world and find out things I haven't been privy too. More randomness is sure to come, but I need your help if I want to make this happen. Send emails and comments and give me some bearings as to what you want to read about. Suggest whatever it is you've wanted to see on this blog, and we'll make it happen.
   I want to welcome and thank the new followers of the blog; and also those of the official twitter and facebook pages. The month of May has been as fruitful as ever and I have you to thank for that. I appreciate your support and hope to make your followship worthwhile.

Here's some of what to expect this month:
-This is a given but; MORE REVIEWS
-A look at online resources for info on romance novels (google books, fictiondb, ect)
-The first Series Spotlight here on the blog!! (every Friday this month I will post a review, on for each book from a particular series by the author of the month and my dissection of the series at the end of the month)
- Favorite Quotes Post (5 memorable quotes from the collection of quotes I've accumulated over the coarse of my avid-readership)
-What ever else I can think of without brainfarting.

-Until Next Post<3...

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