This page will be my 'Review Rolodex', cataloging all the reviews done on this blog to date. They will be categorized by the last name of the author and then in descending order by publication (earliest releases coming first; depending on the number of books I've reviewed by said author). If a book is listed on this page without a link attached to it, that means it is currently being read or waiting to have it's review written/posted. I encourage you all to go to the contact page, find my email address and send me your suggestions for books I should add to my repertoire!

'My Dangerous Duke' by Gaelen Foley
'Smooth-Talking Stranger' by Lisa Kleypas
'Married By Morning' by Lisa Kleypas
'Love In The Afternoon' by Lisa Kleypas
*'Dukes To The Left Of Me, Princes To The Right' by Kieran Kramer 
'Knight Of Desire' by Margaret Mallory
'Knight Of Pleasure' by Maragret Mallory
'Seducing The Duchess' by Ashley March
'Royal's Bride' by Kat Martin

* Some review links may direct you to the site Romance Novel News
for whom I originally wrote them for.



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