Friday, September 11, 2015

Review: IF YOU ONLY KNEW by Kristan Higgins


Yep, that’s my review.

Read an excerpt: here

Jenny Tate is the consummate New Yorker. A celebrated dress designer with access to the posh lifestyle- Jenny has it all. She even has a sickeningly cordial relationship with her ex-husband and his perfect wife. How modern. Nothing says closure like forced cheerfulness so you don’t seem bitter at an ex’s current wife’s baby shower!

Jenny decides to open a new page in her life and moves back upstate to be closer to her family and open a dress shop. While her sister’s life starts to unravel, Jenny may find a few other hearts in need of mending.

Rachel Carver, nee-Tate, is living the ultimate Stepford existence in Cambry-on-Hudson, NY; A loving husband, three adorable daughters (triplets no less), Mommy and Me Swim sessions...But the dream life gets flipped upside down by the ultimate betrayal. As Rach tithers back and forth on the right next step, she discovers more about herself than she ever realized existed.

4 ½ Red Roses

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