Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Hail Harriett!

   Many of you may not know this, but before I started the blog, I did a brief spell on the Barnes and Noble circuit; experimenting and learning what style of writing suited me for my so-called book reviews. I would frequently (and by frequently, I mean, almost daily) happen across this wonderful user who would write some of the best reviews I've ever read.on almost every romance I wanted to review. Our Harriet Klasuner a.k.a 'harstan' is a forced to be reckoned with.
   She is a reviewing MACHINE on b&n, with over 19,000 reviews written! A Legend. You can also find her handy work on amazon.com. Her reviews are well thought out, informative, while not revealing too much, and splendidly written. I just wanted to pay homage to a great reviewer (I am not sure whether she has her own website, but she should!). You can find her stuff, scattered across almost every imaginable romance novel listed on b&n, along with some paranormals, mysteries, ect.
   Here's to you Miss Harriett! Thanks for your continued patronage to the art of review writing! Giving bookworms like me the idea to have a purpose on the web =)

Her profile page on my b&n (the community site for barnesandnoble.com) can be found: here

-And check out harstan's review of the latest Stephanie Laurens release, 'The Brazen Bride'. A book I've been dying to read !


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Harriet it not what she seems:


    Many questions have been running around for years about her and if she is indeed one reviewer.

  2. Oh dear. I always did wonder how she could bust out like 6 reviews every day when it took me like three days to scrap together my last one.This is like finding out your favorite superhero is really some fat old smelly guy in a nylon-and-artificially padded suit.

    I'll still always be thankful for her (or hers/hims) for the inspiration to do reviews. I'll have to dig deeper into this interesting happenstance (is that a word) and come out with a part 2 to this post. (N.A.R.B investigates, lol) .. thanks for the info Kate =D



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