Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gaelen Foley's Pre-Launch Event over at Avon Romance Blog

   The stellar Gaelen Foley has a new book coming out in July (or technically this month), 'My Dangerous Duke', as featured in the Anticipated Releases: June 2010 post. The official release date is June 29th, 2010, but being so close to the month of July, it is considered a July release. And being the day after my birthday and the day of my beloved grandmother's birthday, you should already know my immediate activities for the following week: Buy cravel b-day cake, eat to my hearts content, sleep off the fatigue, Find bookstore, get 2 copies of this book (a present for myself and granny), read away.....rinse, lather, repeat =D

   Over at Avon Romance Blog, she is hosting an event to celebrate the upcoming release of her book. Ofcourse, me being the late-linda that I am, I should have alerted you guys to the event when it started (yesterday). But it's not to late to join in on all the fun. Comment on the day's post and you are automatically entered for a chance to win a signed copy of her book or that of one of her special guests (also amazing authors with releases coming soon).

Book Trailer:

So what in blazes are you waiting for? Head on over to Avon Romance Blog , go to today's post in the event and comment your answer to her most pressing question: If someone were to give you a hottie of the opposite sex, who would you want to be given, and what’s the first thing you’d make him do, hmm? 

My Pick Would Be: The delicious Sam Worthington. He was in the movie 'Clash of the Titans' and I fell in love! He is so gorgeous, it's no wonder that the overly-chaste quality of the film had me crying foul. I mean, this was a movie based on ancient Greek Mythology (a favorite topic of mine). Where was the passionate, raunchy, somewhat disturbing sensual adventure?
   Still, the eye candy was pleasing enough, and if Santa were crazy enough to leave this man on my doorstep, there would be no more Christmas, for I would have done some unspeakable things to Sam and Santa would be taken under police custody for aiding and abetting ;)

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