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Hey Authors,
Promotion is essential! One of the major keys to success in the publishing world is getting your book in front of as many readers as possible. Book blogs geared towards your book's genre or any book lover in general is a great way to connect with readers whom either aren't familiar with your work or in need of a reminder and hopefully attract their attention! I love hosting authors on this blog and getting the word out about their books. If you're interested in being featured on this blog, adding it to your blog tour, ect- please use the email above to contact me so we can iron out the details.

The following options are open for you and your book's feature on the blog:
  • Interview
  • Guest Post
  • Exclusive Excerpt Posting
  • Review
  • Giveaway (can be included with any of the above options or done in a separate post)
I am also open to other options that you may have in mind, as well! Shoot me a message and we can discuss further!

*Below, I have provided a review request form for my convenience and yours! If you are interested in requesting a review please copy and paste the corresponding form below, fill it out accordingly and send it to my email (with subject line: Review Request: (insert book title & author). This is not a mandatory thing, but filling out a formal request form helps provide all the info I need without the constant back and forth replying.

Review Request Form: (for authors, publishers, marketing companies, ect)
-Your Name:
-Title and Author of the book you are requesting:
-Affiliation/Relationship in regards to book being suggested(publisher?, author?):
-Purpose for soliciting a review:
-How did you find my blog?:
-Publishing Information (pub.dat, imprint,ect):
-Links (to author's site, mentions of/information on book, ect):
-Do you intend to forward a physical copy of the book to me (digital copies are acceptable, but if available, hard copies are preferred)?:

-Have a look-see at my review policy below the form. Is it agreeable with you:   
*All questions and prompts in the Review Request Form are need-to-know's! Please make sure it is filled out thoroughly! It makes everything so much easier!

Review Policy:
-By submitting a formal review request, you understand that (once accepted) I will be reviewing your book and providing my unbiased opinion in a review to be posted on my blog (Not Another Romance Blog). No monetary compensation has or will be used in exchange for my review, and the book sent (hard copy or digital) for my review will be the only article given and under no circumstances will it be used for anything other than personal use (I will not sell or violate the copyrights conditions):   

I check my email periodically throughout the day and look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Readings

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