Monday, February 28, 2011

'The Prince's Groom' by KT Grant -Guest Review-

My bestie and blogging-bitch (lol, I kid) Carsen Travis from Paranormal Inferno: Book Reviews has another treat to share with us today. She's totally into M/M books (& is slowly converting me as we speak). After telling her about a cool pirate historical M/M I heard about, she couldn't resist buying it and constantly texted me quotes as she read. Now she wants to gush with you about it. Here we go:

Read an excerpt:  here
The Prince’s Groom is the second book (following The Princess’ Bride) in KT Grant’s pirate series. It begins with the main character, Thomas, attending his sister Daisy’s wedding to the ex-pirate, Chelsey. During the wedding Thomas begins looking for his lover of one month, Martin.  Even though Thomas has a strong love for Martin, he still can’t help doubting the future they might have and if Martin feels the same about him (mostly because Thomas doesn’t even know his lover’s first name or his age!)

More CSN Stores Pimpage

So, March Madness will soon be upon us and that means the overgrown boys in your life a.k.a 'the manly men'  will be parading around the house with their friends while screaming at televisions and munching on pretzels. While they're off doing that, why not take this opportunity to work on your own personal project? Write the manuscript of your heart, catch up on some work from the office, barricade yourself in a room filled with books like it's a bunker until the 'madness' has pass.

And while your at it, REDECORATE!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rita's Harem: Manservant #003

Here's Manservant #003 in Rita's Harem ;) !
James (my baby's daddy) Franco
 So so hot. I'll try to keep my panties on long enough to finish this post.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway with Kat Martin

Happy Friday, everyone. The wonderful Kat Martin has stopped by to share with us her view on what us readers love about romance. Kat is also celebrating her latest release this week, which is 'Against The Law'. Commenters will have a chance to win a signed copy of 'Against The Wind' (Book 1) by commenting. Now, on to this interesting post!:
      by Kat Martin 

      It’s a question that dozens of people have tried to answer.  On Valentine’s Day, article after article attempted to explore the concept.  Non-fiction books are written about it, essays are printed.  Internet sites Chat about it.
      The truth is there is no single answer.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Help Nominate the Next Author of the Month!

So I've been lagging in my duties to update my Author of the Month.
What can I say? There are SO many great authors, I can't just choose one!
That's why I'd like YOU guys to choose just one! *g*
Instead of me picking the AotM, why don't you guys give me a little help?
Take a second to fill out this nomination form and tell me who YOU think should be featured as March's Author of the Month.

Winner Announcement: Christina Phillips-'Winner's Choice' Giveaway

Congratulations to:

Maria D.

Upon entering into the Christina Phillips-'Winner's Choice' Giveaway, all those who submitted a completed form were given specific slot numbers (if you had extra entries, your extra slots were added and given numbers as well). Maria's number was randomly selected by, so that makes her our winner!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coming Soon: ROMANCE GIVEAWAYS [.com]

[Edit]: Unfortunately, the launch of BookGiveawaysToday (and sister sites like Romance Giveaways) has been postponed indefinitely. Any further information I obtain will be posted here.
Oh yeah! Who doesn't love a good giveaway? I know I love the rush one gets when one sees their name in a giveaway post. I also love the jubiliation one feels as they rip a package out of a scared little postman's hands that contains a new addition to ones library.
I've even won a giveaway or two that contained a new-to-me author's book and soon found a new obsession. Let's just face it: Giveaways ROCK! But obviously you can't win them all, and the more popular sites have more entrants, which means a less likely chance of winning.You leave a comment, wait the week or two for the announcment, and then your heartbreaks as you see that you didn't win.
Wish there was a place that held giveaways daily; Oh wait, (tehehe) there is-or soon will be-:

What’s better than reading romance books? How about reading FREE romance books? Starting in April 2011, you can win 9 different books each day from Romance Giveaways(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winner Announcement: Alexandra Hawkins- 'After Dark With A Scoundre' Giveaway

Congratulations to:

Cheryl C
Chelsea B.

Upon entering into the Alexandra Hawkins-'After Dark With A Scoundrel' Giveaway, all those who submitted a completed form were given specific slot numbers (if you had extra entries, your extra slots were added and given numbers as well). Cheryl and Chelsea's numbers were randomly selected by, so that makes them our winners!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

'The Path To Freedom' by Lisa Pietsch -Guest Review-

The lovely Carsen from Paranomal Inferno:Book Reviews (paranormal sister-site to NARB) has a non-paranormal reviews to share with us!

A Look into the Story:
In the war on terror...sometimes the best weapon is a woman... Sarah Stevens is a washed-up military cop whose life is a shambles until she is offered a position as an agent with the CIA. The thirty-year-old, overweight, down-on-her-luck Stevens goes to a secret training camp where she is transformed into a sexy and deadly agent whose mission is to stop, by any means possible, the financiers of terrorism against the United States and its allies. Sarah soon discovers that this is an exciting new life loaded with adventure, danger and undeniable temptations-

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day)

So, I guess I'll be a good sport and wish all you out there a lovely Valentine's Day. Whether you have a 'special someone' or just yourself to entertain.
There's no one special for me this year (join my pity party =/ ), but I've got my eye on some delicious chocolates from a local confectioner and a great read waiting for me once I get home from classes.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time to go ON THE HUNT: Cool contest- Win iPod Nano multi-touch and signed copy of 'On The Hunt'

Want to chase the winter blues away? Join the HUNT. Four authors. Five hidden images. One red-hot anthology. Hunt down the contest images hidden on Gena Showalter, Shannon K. Butcher, Jessica Andersen and Deidre Knight's online homes to win an iPod Nano multi-touch and a signed copy of ON THE HUNT.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

(Unofficial) Johanna Lindsey News!

When Passion RulesSo, FantasticFiction is BOSS!! #That's NOT all.
I use the site all the time and while looking up a favauthor, I stumbled upon some unofficial-ish developments. To the right is the cover to Lindsey's upcoming June release, 'When Passion Rules'. I got this pic off of the books amazon page that was linked on it's fantasticfiction page (audio book edition -which seems to have more info than the regular paperback, hardcover and kindle pages).
If this is how the paperback/hardcover will come out, I can't complain. Hot guy-back with a decent rump and imperial looking clothes on a chair. Has a nice feel to it, no?

Rita's Harem: Manservant #002

Here's Manservant #002 in Rita's Harem ;) !
Edward Burns 
This guy is FIYAH!!! He makes me burn alright....o.0
I am not real familiar with his work; I've seen him around in lots of movies (most notable for me: 27 Dresses), but I am not a huge fan girl. He's just really HANDSOME.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My (almost) Pulitzer Prize worthy contribution to the literary world: A Grocery List =P

Cover Art provided by Van Gogh
I am a writer now, yall!
Like plenty of other bloggers, I enjoy writing just as much as I enjoy reading. Of course I've entertained the dream of having a book with my name on it flying off the shelves that I frequent, or a page of latest releases on Not that I use one (blogging) as a means to the other (writing)- I never talk about any WIPs or things on here. I use this blog as a soap box to contribute to the romance reading community; To give my honest opinion of what I think of a book. I try to give a sum up, some good and bad, likes and dislikes- the whole bit. And if a book is worthy of praise like 'damn near perfect', it'll get it. Not because the author thinks so, but because I do. People can say whatever they want about my reviews. Don't like them? don't read or solicit them.

'The Christmas Fantasy' by KT Grant -Review-

Read an excerpt: here
Firefighters, hot bathroom sex, and "Happy Hard-On" Mancini... Yep, this is going to be one hell of a holiday!

Being in love with her brother’s best friend isn’t an ideal situation for Mandy Lockeheart, but she can’t help the feelings she has for sexy firefighter Jackson Montgomery (and his glasses). She’s determined to change his ‘fraternal’ opinions about her by showing him just how much of a woman she really is; and what’s more womanly than taking charge and kissing the man senseless?
At her brother’s annual Christmas Party, Mandy decides to take matters into her own hands (quite literally) and go after the perfect Christmas/30th Birthday gift; losing her virginity to the love of her life.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Ready For: 1st Annual 'March Madness' Blog Party !!!

Some people might think of March as the month for basketball tournaments and St. Patrick’s Day, but starting this year March will be known for a celebration of historical romance readers and writers. From Tuesday, March 1st through Thursday, March 31st, come interact with some of your favorite authors, meet new ones, and enter to win 40+ prizes as Ashley March hosts the 1st Annual March Madness Blog Party at

A fantastic line-up of historical romance authors will be guest blogging with giveaways every single day, and a special daily feature will highlight romance community sites, reviewers, and bloggers who support historical romance.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coming Soon: Anticipated Releases for February 2011

Just in time for the romance reader's national holiday: Valentine's Day. Tons of great books will be flooding the shelves this month! In case you need to nudge your lover in the right direction, send him the link to this list and tell him it's your Valentine's Day registry. Along with some delightful chocolates from the go to spot Chocolat Moderne (they've got stuff for him too!), [I've got my eye on: this and dark chocolate covered cherries (in vodka syrup)] nothing could make your day better, right?
And if there isn't someone special in your life, SPLURGE on yourself! Books & Chocolate= a match made in singles heaven!
Here are the Anticipated Releases for the Month of February 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Author Interview and Giveaway with Christina Phillips

She schooled us on Roman/Druid history last year with her debut, 'Forbidden'.
Now, Christina Phillips is stopping by today to talk all about her second novel, 'Captive', which was releases 02/01/11.
Phillips has 'captive'ated historical lovers from near and far (tons of praise and raving reviews) and aims to do so again with this latest tale about a Celtic beauty, Morwyn, and an undercover warrior, Bren.
We got to know Phillips a bit  when she was interviewed on the blog last year , but to get everyone up to speed, here's some author info:

Author Bio:
"Christina Phillips has always loved writing, and while her efforts in eighth grade usually involved space ships, time travel and unfortunate endings, as soon as she discovered romance novels a whole new world opened up. She now writes ancient historical romances about strong heroines and gorgeous warrior heroes who, no matter how torturous the journey, are guaranteed a happy-ever-after. Christina was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives in sunny Western Australia with her real-life hero and their three children."Source

You can find Christina Phillips on the web: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

About Christina's Latest Release:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Month, New Material: February 2011

Okay, SO I am two days late with this...
It's still Feb, so no worries. Last month was a great intro to 2011. Although I didn't get out as many reviews as I wanted to, and totally forgot about Recommendations for the Week, I still think it was pretty successful!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Hit & Run" Interview and Giveaway with: Alexandra Hawkins

She wow'd us with the first two books in her Lord of Vice series, and she's coming for our hearts once again in this newest installment. That's right, Alexandra Hawkins is stopping by today for a visit to celebrate her 3rd novel, 'After Dark With A Scoundrel', which was released yesterday, 2/1/11. We are one month into the new year and it's about time we had our first author appearance on the blog; And who better to feature first than the author of the book which I spotlighted as my best read in 2010!? Well, it looks like Hawkins is ready to deliver in 2011 as well with yet another Lord of Vice who falls victim to Cupid's arrow. For those who didn't catch my previous interview with Hawkins last year, you can check it out here; but just to recap, here's a bit about the author:

Author Bio:
"Alexandra Hawkins is an unrepentant Anglophile who discovered romance novels as a teenager and knew that one day she would be writing her own. In "The Lords of Vice" series, she has combined her love of English history, mythology, and romance to create sensual character-driven stories that, she hopes, will touch readers' hearts.
Alexandra lives in Georgia with her husband and three children. You can visit her website at"Source

You can find Alexandra on the web: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

 About Alexandra's Latest Release:
'After Dark With A Scoundrel'
Released 02.01.11

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