Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coming Soon: ROMANCE GIVEAWAYS [.com]

[Edit]: Unfortunately, the launch of BookGiveawaysToday (and sister sites like Romance Giveaways) has been postponed indefinitely. Any further information I obtain will be posted here.
Oh yeah! Who doesn't love a good giveaway? I know I love the rush one gets when one sees their name in a giveaway post. I also love the jubiliation one feels as they rip a package out of a scared little postman's hands that contains a new addition to ones library.
I've even won a giveaway or two that contained a new-to-me author's book and soon found a new obsession. Let's just face it: Giveaways ROCK! But obviously you can't win them all, and the more popular sites have more entrants, which means a less likely chance of winning.You leave a comment, wait the week or two for the announcment, and then your heartbreaks as you see that you didn't win.
Wish there was a place that held giveaways daily; Oh wait, (tehehe) there is-or soon will be-:

What’s better than reading romance books? How about reading FREE romance books? Starting in April 2011, you can win 9 different books each day from Romance Giveaways(

There’s no registration or membership required, and you don’t even have to post a comment. All you have to do is read the information about the books and, if you’re interested in winning them, enter your email address. 9 random participants will win a free romance book each day, and possibly more will win if an author is giving away more than one book! Even if you don’t win, you’ll get a chance to find out information about different books in the sub-genre you like—this includes the cover copy of the book and an excerpt to see if you’re interested in reading more. It’s a great chance to win free books, but also to discover new authors.
In addition to winning free books, you’ll also be able to nominate books that sound interesting for that category’s online book club selection the next month. The book that has the most nominations will be chosen. Although there are thousands of romance readers throughout the world, sometimes we don’t really get a chance to discuss books with other readers. Soon you can with the online book clubs at Romance Giveaways.

And that’s just the beginning. Although the online book clubs will be first, Romance Giveaways plans to offer more features for you to interact with other readers and authors in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Perhaps one of the really exciting things (besides having the chance to win free books!) at Romance Giveaways is the Connections page, where you can earn points by participating on the website. When you earn enough points, you become eligible to receive prizes such as gift cards, books, chocolate, and more.

In anticipation of the launching of Romance Giveaways in April 2011, the company is giving away one book each day at their Facebook page. (link:!/pages/Romance-Giveaways/135900646472866). You can also follow them on Twitter (link:!/RomGiveaways). If you’re interested in seeing what other book giveaway sites the parent company of Romance Giveaways has planned for the future, you can visit

For authors interested in promoting with Romance Giveaways, the website says you can ask for more information by emailing:

So, is it April yet???!?!
I guess I'll have to stalk the facebook page and twitter until the site goes up; but this sounds like a super cool site where you can win books AND learn about new/current author's upcoming work.
 Mark your calendars!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing site! I can't wait. Thanks for sharing!



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