Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (or Singles Awareness Day)

So, I guess I'll be a good sport and wish all you out there a lovely Valentine's Day. Whether you have a 'special someone' or just yourself to entertain.
There's no one special for me this year (join my pity party =/ ), but I've got my eye on some delicious chocolates from a local confectioner and a great read waiting for me once I get home from classes.

In the meantime, I know there are plenty of singles out there who will be subjected to any number of crude reminders of their singular state. A couple sharing an intimate moment in the park as you walk by, a couple sharing an intimate moment in a coffee shop as you pick up your daily frappuccino, A couple sharing an intimate moment in every other place imaginable and the only refuge is your home. Oh wait, even there you aren't safe. Mom will definitely give you a call and ask when you'll give her grand-babies and your day will be complete.

I thought I'd do a service for the singles out there and let you know that not every couple sharing an intimate moment in plain sight are experiencing the fireworks you imagine. Below I'll share some pictures of when kissing went wrong and you'll thank your lucky stars you're not swapping spit today:

Heheheh! Photoshop is splendid. This pic totally grossed me out. I thought I was looking at a screen cap from Men in Black II.

So right now, a few ladies out there are proclaiming to the heavens that all men are pigs. Looks like this lady (or dude- you can never tell right off the bat with babies this age) doesn't really care.

Some more animal loving. This pic is really cute, though. Reminds me of the most dreaded kisser there is: The Over Zealous Kisser! There are more below.



Who can resist a pissed off baby kiss?

Shit!We've got a Stage 5 clinger. Abort! Abort! Abort!

And finally. When you feel really bad for yourself, remember that being single is an option. We could easily pick up the first guy on the street with a urinary track infection & multiple ex-girlfriends in his trunk and make him ours. There's nothing wrong with standards. We're all looking and holding out for the RIGHT one. Beauty isn't only skin deep, but when bodily discharges work their way into the equation, we can find a way to coupe until our prince charming gallops in on his white horse with a box of kleenex.

Spread the love today, folks!


  1. Um, Happy Valentine's Day?

    I look forward to all those yummy chocolates at 50% off the day after!

  2. ok -- a couple of thhose pics .. lets just say I'm glad I saw them after waking and not before bed or i'd be having nightmares. :)

  3. I too will be spending valentines day with a good book!

  4. =). Wow, I hope I don't come off bitter in this post LMAO. It was late and I was having fun with my mini bashing of the whole smooching day.

    I am a cynic =). LOL.

    Happy Valentine's Day girls. Hope your V-day is better than the people pictured above ;)

  5. Hey!
    I've decided to readyour blog on my LUNCH hr! Not a good idea!
    Have a great VDay!

  6. I adored the pictures but I think I'll just keep to kissing my husband! He's pretty good at it but then I've been training him on giving pleasure for 41 years!



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