Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rita's Harem: Manservant #003

Here's Manservant #003 in Rita's Harem ;) !
James (my baby's daddy) Franco
 So so hot. I'll try to keep my panties on long enough to finish this post. Okay, where to begin? Oh, I know, He's hot. He's also smart- graduated from like Harvard or Yale or some shit. Oh dear. The things I would do to this guy in a darkened alley with some whipped creme... But anyway, I've been a fan for a few years. Fell head over heels when he did the movie 'Tristan and Isolde'- I seriously almost cried at the end. Then he was the progressive asshole in the spiderman series. He was also in some other shit, but yeah (actually his filmography is quite impressive- he has also directed). He's even guest starred a few times on the soap opera, General Hospital! So you see, he's so hot, he makes our GRANNY'S panties drop. You go boy!
If you grace the cover of GQ, chances are, I've got a shrine dedicated to you under my bed. But he looks seriously suave and sexxy here. To the picture on the left: damn the extra few inches covering his naughty bits. 
Getting his James Dean on as he portrayed the iconic actor in a golden globe awarded-TV movie.

Franco also starred in one of my favorite movies to date, 'Tristan & Isolde'. He had such tragic looking eyes throughout the whole movie-every time there was a close up of him, I wanted to weep. The movie screwed me by not having the traditional HEA, but it was GREAT. And Franco not only acted superbly, but looked devastatingly handsome as he did so. Also in the movie was my other baby's father, Henry Cavill (who will be in my Harem shortly!)
Even with the 70's porn-stache, I'd still hit that!

So be still my heart, for it is not to be. By now, all the hoes will lay siege to his person and there will be none left for me. But, I'll still enjoy the view ;). You guys know I love a guy with dark hair and angles to his face. Throw in his bangin' physique and ginormous I.Q, and you can see why he's a member of my male harem!
Feel free to gush with me about the hawtness of James, or share your ideal harem man servants. Talk Oscars with me, or just stare at the scenery of this post ;). Man candy and romance books go hand in hand!


  1. I have to agree! This man is yummy. I can easily imagine him as all my leading men ;)

  2. Quite right, Jess. Quite right!

  3. just wondering... if this MASTERPIECE is manservant 003, who's 001 and 002?!
    there's no man out there with franco's panty-droping charisma.

  4. 1- Barry Pepper
    2- Edward Burns

    you can find their post and any future additions by clicking the tag below the post: Rita's Harem

    and I wouldn't say Franco's a masterpiece.. Maybe an astounding, benevolent gift from the smexy gods, but masterpiece? eh.. he never tweeted me back, so he gets a demotion! lol. In all seriousness, he is a very handsome man with lots of charisma. Looking forward to his future projects.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    (LOL @ panty-dropping charisma)



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