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'The Prince's Groom' by KT Grant -Guest Review-

My bestie and blogging-bitch (lol, I kid) Carsen Travis from Paranormal Inferno: Book Reviews has another treat to share with us today. She's totally into M/M books (& is slowly converting me as we speak). After telling her about a cool pirate historical M/M I heard about, she couldn't resist buying it and constantly texted me quotes as she read. Now she wants to gush with you about it. Here we go:

Read an excerpt:  here
The Prince’s Groom is the second book (following The Princess’ Bride) in KT Grant’s pirate series. It begins with the main character, Thomas, attending his sister Daisy’s wedding to the ex-pirate, Chelsey. During the wedding Thomas begins looking for his lover of one month, Martin.  Even though Thomas has a strong love for Martin, he still can’t help doubting the future they might have and if Martin feels the same about him (mostly because Thomas doesn’t even know his lover’s first name or his age!)

This couple is in the middle of a very heated liaison, but it will have to end soon.  While Martin is a wanted man on the wrong side of the law, Thomas is a gentleman landowner who will have to return to his home in Flaundia. Thomas knows that he cannot return with Martin because things would become very complicated for them; So he makes the decision to leave Martin behind, and both men are left with hearts full of regret.

A year passes and the story picks up with Thomas’s life back in society... with his new lover? After he returned home, the loss of Martin made him crave another man’s company, so he kept his very personal secretary, William, close to him. Still, the young man often found himself thinking of Martin and wondering how he has lived the past year – even with the strong arms of another man always there to comfort him.

            Meanwhile, Martin learns from Thomas’ sister Daisy that her brother has constantly been writing letters to her, describing how lonely he feels and how much he misses Martin in his life.  Once Martin sails back to reunite with his former lover, he realizes just how much things have changed in that one year

           We are introduced to another character, Romana Veiga; this young woman is obsessed with beauty, money, marriage, and now…Thomas de Fleure. After Thomas attends the party held at Ramona’s house and speaks to her for the first time, the woman begins to want him more and more and is determined to get him to ask for her hand in marriage in just a few months. Knowing that Thomas is a former prince, she still sees him as a man of royal blood and it makes him even more irresistible to her.

Before he goes to see Thomas in person, Martin actually spies on the man from a bush inside of Thomas’ garden, and while doing this he sees Thomas with his new lover, William. As if that didn’t hurt enough, Martin then sees the man-hungry Ramona making the moves on Thomas and even pressing her body closer to hers and stealing a kiss from him.

         Martin then has to think of how he’ll plan to get his Thomas back from that infatuated and deranged woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. At the same time, a dangerous man also enters their lives, one who has ties not only to Martin but also Thomas. Now it’s not only a question about whether or not they’ll make it through, but if they’ll be able to be with each other and love again.

Rating: 4 ½ Roses

Loved it! Not only did the story have the hot and steamy moments that many readers will appreciate, but it also involved the conflict and drama that comes with being a same-sex couple. It was also pretty easy to understand the characters feelings; when it came to Thomas I knew why he felt so upset with Martin – I mean, who can feel 100% sure of their lover when they don’t even know that person’first name or their age!? But I also understood why Martin was so uneasy when Thomas would constantly press him for answers (still a first name basis would have helped in the relationship…
Overall, this couple did leave an impression on me and they’re a pair that I won’t soon forget because of both the interesting story and chemistry they shared. In the end, I definitely enjoyed reading this book, through all the emotional ups and downs and even with the crazed character that is Ramona – I know a lot of women like going to great lengths to get the man they want but this girl definitely set the bar way higher!

P.S: One of my favorite parts of the book had to be when Martin is practically stalking Thomas and spying on him in the garden from a big bush. He starts to watch more closely and notices how close Ramona is getting to his former lover and even makes a comment to himself that sounds something like this àIf she moves in closer, her tits will be in his mouth. Martin lightly snorted, trying to feel compassion for the woman who had no chance at getting her claws into Thom. ] Yeap, that’s truly stalking at its best. Watching the one you want while bashing the person they’re with :)

This was a wonderful M/M, and I can’t wait to read more from this author.

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