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Last-Minuet Gift Ideas Under $10 and $20

In exactly two weeks from today it will be Christmas.
Yeah, I am outfitting my bunker as we speak. One of the most daunting challenges we face this season is buying gifts that show how much we care and that don't break the bank. I've joked that all I want for Christmas is 8 hours of continuous, not-so-restless sleep and some Tylenol; and while I am sure many of my relatives would enjoy that as well, it doesn't exactly come in tangible, pretty packages
which can fit under the tree. 
If traversing the crowded stores doesn't appeal to you, you could always shopping.
The only time I shop online is for books, but I decided that a little online window-shopping was called for to help prepare me for the long list of gifts I've got to buy! I've mainly searched on, but there are SO many online retailers out there that you shouldn't limit your search to just there. You can try,,, ...The list goes on. (And they have tons of online promotions going on that can help you save for the holidays)
Tips on What to Get:
 *Computer Accessories are the way to go this holiday season. Even Grandma is plugged in to the technological world, so electronic accessories rarely have an age or gender restriction. You could always personalize by getting something in the receivers favorite color, but little 'accessories' are universal and also can come in pretty cheap if you know what and where to get.

*FOOD!: You can make cookies from scratch or buy them in the tube, you can cook tons of popcorn and then make sugary popcorn balls to add into someones stocking, and you can make your own strawberry preserves and give them as gifts. The possibilities are endless./ also, the word Gourmet is fancy talk for OVER PRICED, but with smaller items like Popcorn and Chocolates, you could shell out the extra dough, give someone something they wouldn't normally get (because really, who would pay 10 bucks for some gourmet popcorn?) and still save by not buying outrageous big ticket items.

**Smell Goods(go on location to the store for this tip): This is a nickname I give perfumes and body lotions, but it doesn't defeat the purpose. Shops like Bath and Body Works (my #1 destination for 70% of my Christmas Gifts) run special promotions and things that make buying for the gals in the family easy. You know the Buy 3 get 3 free deals? If you have to buy gifts for Aunt Sally, Minnie, Roda, Cousin Melinda, Granny Gertrude, and that best friend of yours; that deal looks pretty sweet. I don't usually buy stuff from B&BW because I see it as ridiculous to put so much money into some soap or perfume, but when you have to buy in bulk for the holidays, this is the SPOT! (And stock up on those little mini items like small hand sanitizers and mini lotions. They come in handy when you have to stuff a stocking or put a little something extra into a gift bag!

Some cool gift ideas under $20:

Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine ChillerWine Chiller: For the Wine Connoisseur in your life, get them a gift they could really use. This electornic wine chiller from Oster keeps your spirits cold for hours and also features a bottle opener which can uncork at the touch of a button. 

  • Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller (retails at: $19.99 from

Wireless Mouse: My room looks like some crazy, multi-limbed creature with all these wires hanging about! Save your relatives from the same by getting everything Wireless! It's amazing what comes wireless now a days, and most clock in just around $20 as well. You can definitely find a good, brandname mouse, sans the wire to give to someone special this year. (They also come in a wide variety of colors, so you can personalize by finding fire-engine red for your aunt, or blazin' blue for your uncle)
  • Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 (retailed at: $13.79 from

And if you want to get even more frugal, try some of these gift ideas under $10:

Brownie Spatula: I love to bake, and odds are, someone in your family loves it too! For the baker in your life who makes the best brownies (straight from the box), you could get them this specially designed brownie spatula! It's just under $5 and is a unique gift to give to someone.

Gourmet Brownie Mix: Gourmet might just mean overpriced, but with an item like chocolate, the extra expense won't threaten your bank (too much). If you decide to get the brownie spatula featured above, then you could add this Gihradelli brand Brownie mix and have your gift all set!
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Double Chocolate Brownie Mix, 20 oz. (retailed at: $4.50 +$7.00 shipping cost from Gihradelli)

Laptop Keyboard Protector: You can give this gift to the Laptop owner in your bunch who has a problem keeping food and other unmentionables from the nooks and crannys of their keyboards. This Universal Silicone Laptop Keyboard Protector can be found all over and in various styles as to match your particular model. You don't have to get this brand, but if you go with this one, it will still do the job and be a great gift!
  • Universal Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin for Laptop Notebook (retailed at: $5.93 from

If you would like to learn more or purchase any of the items featured in this post, you can click the links next to the retailed price and it will take you straight to the item's info page.*Prices are subjected to change and may only be available at that price fore limited time*

I'll try to add more items as I go along, but please feel free to share your finds and tips in the comments! Enjoy!

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