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"Christmas and Passion": X-mas Guest Post and Giveaway with Cathy Maxwell

Christmas and Passion 
      I want to talk to those of you who don’t have anyone to love. The reasons are many:  you haven’t met “the one” yet, you broke up with someone who could have been “the one,” you divorced “the--used to be--one,” or like myself you’ve lost someone dear to you. 
      Christmas can be a tough time when you are alone.  And don’t get me started on St. Valentine’s Day or as I call it, “Singles Awareness Day.”  The holidays often emphasize what we feel we are lacking.
      I have the antidote:  PASSION.
      Yup, passion.  

      In this modern world, we forget that passion can be focused on something more than one person.  Passion also means having a desire, a will, a need to indulge in what pleases us.

      Too often, we fall into the trap of allowing others to define what we should want.    I tire of people asking if I’m dating.  I’ve run out of snappy one-liners (although I’m always looking for new ones) to those who good-naturedly pry into my private life.  And  I will not stay home waiting for a mate before indulging all the passions in my life. 
      What makes the romance novel so entertaining is that we write about women who are doing something.  They aren’t waiting for their lives to start.  Whether set in corporate America or medieval England, books open when the smart heroine realizes that if her life is going to change, she’s going to have to make a plunge.  She can plunge into a new job, a wager with her friends, a masked ball, or an elopement--but she must do something and give it everything she has.

   That’s true of us in real life.  My new passions are Zumba and cooking, along with my long time fascination with horses.  I indulge myself with tickets to a local speakers’ forum and revel in new ideas or spend an hour or more listening to the local symphony.   I adore my family and my children, but it is these new experiences that adds something extra to my week.  I’m living with passion and that excitement rolls over into all of my other activities.

So what about you?  What passions do you have in your life?  Are you dabbling in politics?  Studying a language?  Art?  Cooking?  Or are you planning a trip that has you so revved up you can’t wait for 2011?   Is there something you’ve longed to do but have held back waiting? 

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Cathy Maxwell is the author of HIS CHRISTMAS PLEASURE, the tale of a Spanish nobleman with a big dream and an English heiress who just might make his every wish come true.

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  2. Hi Cathy, where was that photo with the elephant taken?
    About me, I'm a passionate reader! Just can't let any reading material pass me by.
    I already am a follower and FB liker of this blog!
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  3. Hi, Nas--the elephant is in Jaipur. My daughter studied a semester in India and I had to join her. She was at Lady Doak College in Madurai so we did the Golden Triangle and a bit of the south.

  4. I am currently going to college at night to learn italian it something that i have always wanted to do

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  5. Your theory on the appeal of romance novels certainly has some truth to it, just don't think I've thought of it quite that way before. I just try to enjoy each day as best as I can and be the best me as well. Spending time with family, friends and the puppy girl all help with that.

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    DA Kenney
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  6. I am passionate about books. To some it may seems like a copout answer but it is the honesty truth. That is what I spend all of my extra money on and all of my time on. If I am not reading I am looking at author and reader blogs. I am constantly looking at books. I go nowhere without a book. My room is consumed with them. I just love books. I love that they are able to take me away from my everyday life. They educate, entertain, and help me destress.
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  7. I started making jewelry about two years ago for fun. I never thought that it would become as popular as it has. It keep me busy and it's great to see people wearing the things that I make.


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  8. My two biggest passions have always been reading and traveling and I'm happy to say that I've always been able to throw myself into them wholeheartedly. I think that many people are always thinking that there are something else out there, so they are never satisfied with what they have, whereas I'm just happy any time I get to indulge my passions.

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  9. I am a passionate reader and often fancy a go a writing myself...but that would cut into my reading time!!!!
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    total =11
    cheers for the chance of winning :)

  10. Like everyone else I'm a reading addict. All genres but Historical Romance my favorite alongside anything about Scottish Highlanders. I waited for my 7 children to become adults and so now I spend almost all my time and money on reading and books. :)
    I'm a follower =5 under Lucky47
    I commented on the Author preview =2

    Carol L

  11. This is a brilliant post, and I'm going to share it with my daughters, because it's so important--love yourself! Make your own life special and rewarding! How dreadful, really, to base your life around another person, and then start to pursue your passions, and find the two won't or don't mix. Surround yourself with your passions first, and then the right person may follow.

  12. I am passionate about travel and seeing new things. I am not looking forward to Singles Awareness Day either, LOL!

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  13. I'm passionate about reading books and collecting them! I'm a book addict! I also love my chickens I raise them and collect the eggs! They are pets so we don't kill them. They are beautiful and fasinating birds.


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  14. Cathy it was like you were speaking to me. After wallowing in self-pity for a few months I had an epiphany. Nothing will change unless I make it change. Common sense to many but obviously not to me. So my passion is to lift myself up and out of the doldrums and it is already working.
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  15. My passion is food - I have a massive cookbook collection, devour cooking shows, I have a food blog and I cook as much as I can :)

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  16. im very passionate about crafts. all sorts, i make jewelry, knit cross-stitch, origami, photpgraphy, i also paint!

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