Friday, December 3, 2010

Collection of Christmas-Themed Historicals: Part 1

Ready for some Holiday Reads?
I love researching and discovering new reads. I've only read a few treasured holiday-equse novels, but I want to change that by next year. I'll be working all the books from this collection into my TBR pile and hopefully getting to them before next Christmas.
I encourage you all to check out some of these titles and share your thoughts. Also, if you have some suggestions for me, send them to me! Maybe they'll make Part 2!

'The Christmas Knight' by Michele Sinclair
"Her Only Hope For The Season
With their father gone this Christmastide, Bronwyn de Breton and her two younger sisters are utterly vulnerable at unprotected Hunswick Castle. And their troubles are compounded when a fearsome knight arrives on the king's orders to take Hunswick as his own - and the youngest de Breton daughter as his wife.
Is A Man She's Never Met
Bronwyn would never let her little sister be forced to marry a man as rough and wild as the new lord is whispered to be. Yet someone must form an alliance with him, or all of Hunswick will be at risk. So she steps forward, pretending to be her own sister.
And A Love She Never Expected
But the new lord is not so easily fooled. He knows Bronwyn is not the woman he has promised to marry. And yet, no matter how duty-bound he may be, there is no resisting the golden-haired beauty who so fearlessly gives herself to him - and awakens a passion unlike any he's ever known..."Source
'The Christmas Countess' by Adrienne Basso
"A Woman With A Past...
Six years ago, Rebecca Tremaine, the daughter of a vicar, became pregnant by her fiance. When he died unexpectedly, Rebecca was heartbroken and disgraced. The child was stillborn-or so Rebecca believed. Now, she's both shocked and jubilant to discover that her relatives arranged for her baby girl, Lily, to be given to a distant family connection-Cameron Sinclair, Earl of Hampton. The widowed earl reluctantly agrees to let Rebecca visit Lily over Christmas at his home in Kent, where she finds that the little girl, while a darling, is alarmingly spoiled...and the handsome, confident earl is attractive beyond measure...
A Love For All Seasons...
Graceful, tender-hearted, and completely captivating, Rebecca fills Cameron Sinclair's home with warmth and light. There's no denying that her concern for Lily's behavior is well-founded. Just as he knows there's also no denying the ache he feels at the thought of her departure. After his wife's death three years ago, Cameron was adamant that he could never love another woman. But as the holiday season draws to a close, he can only hope that it is not too late to admit the joy of being proven thoroughly, delightfully wrong..."Source
'A Seduction At Christmas' by Cathy Maxwell
"She never expected it would come to this
Desperation and an empty stomach forced Fiona Lachlan to agree to a plan that ended up luring the wickedly notorious Duke of Holburn into trouble. Everything went terribly wrong, and now she has found herself posing as his ward! And while she swore nothing could make her desire a scoundrel, even if he was a duke, she is now drawing ever closer to the one man she cannot have . . .
"Beware of innocence!"
The Duke of Holburn had spent years heeding this warning, and in doing so, managed to avoid the virginal young ladies who had been put in his path. But now his wild ways have gotten him into real danger. There are killers at the door and a temptingly beautiful woman in his arms. He is about to find himself seduced . . . and he isn't quite sure he wants to resist this time."Source
'Twelve Nights' by Hope Tarr
"Bad boy Callum Fraser is head over heels for the first time in his life. Only his beloved, the Lady Alys, is keeping him out of her bed until their wedding Christmas morning. It's enough to drive a man crazy!

Still, he intends to make up for his restraint. There are many ways to seduce, and Callum's a master at all of them. His goal? To leave Alys shivering in desire, anticipating the many delicious ways he'll bring her pleasure on their wedding night and throughout the twelve days of Christmas.

At least that's the plan.until Alys's dead first husband shows up, very much alive!"Source

Add some of these Holiday reads to your carts or, if you've already read them, share your opinion and suggest some alternative! Leave feedback and tell me which Christmas Historicals keep you warm during the winter!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the collect next week... 


  1. Read & enjoyed "A Christmas Knight". A heartwarming beauty/beast type of story. At the start of each chapter she includes some info on midieval christmas time celebrations which is both interesting and helps set background of the castle events going on in the story.

  2. Sounds like a keeper to me! I can't wait to read it! I am always interested in old traditions and ways people use to celebrate!

    Hope you'll check out one or some of the other books in this collection. (There will be some Really good looking ones in Part 2. And then I am doing a personal favorites post with the X-mas historiclas I've already read and adore to distraction!)

    feel free to leave suggestions for more awesome reads (themed, or no!)



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