Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Party Time...Christmas Party Time!: Throw a Holiday Party

The geniuses over at came up with a stellar idea to try this holiday season. Holiday parties don't have to be restricted to the office. Time to get social! Bring the party to your front door!

Invite family, friends, and even some of your children's buddies and party you're way to Holiday Bliss! Maybe it's just me, but it seemes as if people haven't been throwing as many parties as they use to back in the day! You don't have to wait until New Year's Eve, or when you decide to trim the tree to rock out. Make some invitations, use some of the awesome recipes I am spotlighting all this month, and have a good time.

Holiday Parties are not only a fun way to bond with friends, but also, to make new ones. Host a joint party with your kids and invite some of their classmate's parents. Give the kids their own room, like the living room, and the adults can stay in the dining room. You can have a potluck where everyone brings a special dish, or just whip up some easy creations and serve everything buffet style. suggested you do a theme like: "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" party. You can play the movie for the kids, form teams and do trivia, make a cooky dress code and have a contest for the best-worst Christmas sweater (for adults) and a best who from Whoville costume contest (for the kiddies). Coerce your husband or another sucker male relative to dress up as Santa and entertain the kids for a bit.

The theme doesn't have to be too strict or too precise, but you could really have a lot of fun with it. Have a White party, where everyone dresses in White sweaters (and the adults drink White Zinfandel, of course). Find a common interest between you and your guests and then build on that.

Utilize google and search for Christmas Party Ideas and Games

(And you have to dress up your house for the festivities too: Check out some Holiday Party Decorations and channel your inner Martha Stewart)

The time to start perfecting our Host/Hostess skills again (like we're in a Historical or something, lol) is now!

Happy Holidays and HAVE A PARTY!
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