Wednesday, December 1, 2010

-Announcement- Christmas Event: Deck The Halls: A Christmas Blog Party!

My Dream Tree (yes, this skinny little thing!)
Well, I am super excited to announce the month-long Christmas Event/Party that will kick off tomorrow!
This has been a few LONG months of planning, and I hope it all pays off! I've hounded plenty of authors, scoured the internet for all my favorite holiday recipes, keyword searched to death, and all in the hopes that your first Christmas with me and the blog is a fun and memorable!

There is WAY to much planned for me to write a quick paragraph on, so at (or close enough to) midnight, right after December's Author of the Month is announced, I will post an Itinerary with all the scheduled events and posts. Mark you're calendars, because chances are one of your favorite author's will be stopping by to share in the holiday spirit (and giveaway a copy or two of their books!). I will have a link up right in the middle of the homepage so you can revisit the itinerary anytime (and it will be constantly updated with links and things)!
A few of the events planned are: *Daily Holiday Recipes
*Plenty of cool giveaways- mostly for books, but including an $85 gift card to CSN stores (get that last-minuet Christmas shopping done!)
*Cool suggested stocking stuffers
*Do-It Yourself Gift Ideas
*Highlight posts of my favorite Christmas-themed novels
*Special guest posts from authors with holiday themed novels out or almost released (my beloved KT Grant, Penny Watson, and Shannon Stacy)
*A little award ceremony at the end of the month showcasing my favorite read for the year 2010
*A poll where Readers will choose THEIR favorite reads from 2010

And the premier event:

Christmas with the Novelist Week: from Dec 12th-18th, some of my favorite authors will stop by the blog to share some Christmas stories and traditions-and giving away a little something to a lucky commenter. (Check the itinerary for scheduled authors and their dates)

This will be a great month, indeed! I look forward to seeing you all there!!!

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