Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do-It Yourself Gift Idea: Christmas Baskets

Gift Basket from Chocolat Moderne (New York)
 Christmas Baskets

Are you a big fan of Easter baskets? You know: the nice, big ones filled with all the ‘good’ candy and adorable stuffed animals?
Well, why not re-invent your beloved Easter Baskets, ditch the horny bunny, and add some mistletoe to spice up your X-mas gifts? Christmas Baskets are a great way to put a personalized touch to a loved one’s gift while also pinching your pennies.

 but it's the though that counts.
Your basket might not be as expensive (in value or look) as this orgasmic gift basket from Chocolat Moderne pictured to the left, but it's the though that counts.
*Cater to Personalities: Is Uncle Bob a huge movie buff? Does Cousin Linda enjoy gardening? When creating your baskets, a little personalization goes a long way. If you’re grocery shopping and catch a box of gourmet microwave popcorn on sale, pick it up and put a pack or two in Uncle Bob’s basket. Add some nice DVD’s (clearance or new release; it all depends on how much you like him, LOL) and some movie passes to your local movie theater, and you’re set!

Items and themes for baskets:
Book Lovers- A new release or two or gift card to Barnes&Noble, cute bookmarks, a book light, Slipper socks & tea  

Relaxation- Fuzzy socks/Terry cloth robe, aromatherapy candles, incense, (more tea!) & a facial kit

Gardeners- A nice vase, packs of planting seeds, gardening tools (nice gloves, bedazzled hoes ;) LOL),& book on home gardening

Winter Survival Kit- Moisturizer, lip balm, mittens, scarf and hat set, & a box of hot chocolate

*Buy in Bulk: If you’re like me, you probably have an extensive family tree and right around gift-giving time, they start coming out of the woodwork. The idea of buying Aunt Sally, Roda, Minnie, Gwendolyn, all of their children, and all of their children’s children gifts is DAUNTING!; That’s why buying in bulk is the way to go. “Whole Sellers” or bulk retailers are great stops on your shopping expeditions. Whether you’re picking up food-stuffs for gifts (like chocolates, tea bags (boxes), cookies, ect) or items like coffee mugs and Christmas cards, you’ll definitely find good deals and get more bang for your buck while you cross-off names on the gift list.

*Also, in craft stores and dollar stores, you can find cute wicker baskets, coffee mugs, and other vessels to stick all your gift items in. BE CREATIVE
Cute presentation & reusable/recyclable!!!
*When trying to fill empty spaces in your baskets, you can scatter small-wrapped candies at the bottom (Like Hersey Kisses, yum).

This idea was inspired by a post on  The site features lots of home craft projects and gift ideas to help you out anytime of the year. Check out the post: here

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