Sunday, October 31, 2010

Recommendation of the Week: 10/31/2010 - 11/07/2010

'After Midnight' by Teresa Medeiros
""Our sister is marrying a vampire."
When the ever practical Caroline Cabot first hears those words from the lips of her fanciful youngest sister, she accuses Portia of having a wild imagination.
But when she discovers their sister Vivienne is actually being courted by Adrian Kane, the mysterious viscount rumored to be a vampire, she decides to accept his invitation to a midnight supper and do some sleuthing of her own.
To both her delight and her dismay, she soon finds herself falling under Kane's bewitching spell. After all, what's a proper young lady to do when her sister's suitor arouses more than just her suspicions?"Source
[Read an excerpt: here]

My Thoughts: Sometimes, saying it simple is saying it best: This book was a great read! I enjoyed seeing the characters interact and battle with themselves as they tried to achieve separate goals while their paths kept mingling together. I LOVED reading about brother Julian (his book,'The Vampire Who Loved Me', is next in the series), who is gorgeous and has a secret all his own, as he fights his attraction to the drama queen younger sister, Portia. I also appreciated that Medeiros didn't go into TOO much 'fluff' about her world of Vampires. This didn't read like a paranormal romance with extra details and that other world feel. There wasn't any brotherhood of Vampires preforming meticulous rituals for ten pages or scenes that tried to convince us that this was some strange world we know nothing about. It felt like fact and really read like a historical with vampire elements; and since I wasn't looking to read a paranormal when I picked this up, I was pleased. It was light at times, had dark elements in others, and really showcase Medeiros' top quality writing style. Get spooked and fall in love with this vampire historical.

*Special thanks to Blog/Facebook fan page follower, Johanna, for suggesting this book to me! You're a doll, Jo! and I can always come to you when I am in need of a good read. Thanks!

Read a review of 'After Midnight' at The Best Reviews: here

This is your Recommendation for the Week of October 31st, 2010 thur November 7th, 2010

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  1. Rita, Thankyou for the nice comment! I love following you here and on FB. I love your reveiws. Your words are usually exactlly how I feel about the books you review. Your right again about After Midnight and how it is light and how the writing is excellent, and not too heavy on the paranormal stuff. Just the right amount of creepiness! LOL! Still laughing about, "Vampires performing meticulous rituals for ten pages!" Very funny!

  2. I really loved this book too! I recently read it and was pleasantly surprised, I'm eager to read the next! I had no idea I'd enjoy this so much!

  3. @No prob, Jo. You really helped me out. I was in a reading slump when you suggested this book and it really picked me up. We all get like that I think. Reading books is a rollercoaster; sometimes a great experience, other times not so much. Glad to have you on here =)

    @Julie, I had no idea either. I saw 'Vampire' and thought (oh good. ANOTHER one!). But it was great, and I am picking up the next book this week!

  4. I have been in a historical romance slump except for Miranda Neville's the Dangerous Viscount. I have not read any historical that has grabbed me lately I have been reading some paranormals lately to get out of the rut! I really like em funny and light so I read some Dakota Cassidy, Mary Janice Davidson, Kerrelyn Sparks and a new one by Ashlyn Chase! All great authors if your not into anything too dark and Heavy.



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