Saturday, October 2, 2010

Author Of The Month: October 2010

Emma Wildes

"Award-winning author Emma Wildes writes for NAL's Signet Eclipse line but she started in e-publishing where she has garnered an Eppie, a Lories Best Published, and a WisRWA Reader's Choice Award. She has been a # 1 bestselling author at Fictionwise, Capa nominee, and received several gold star awards from JERR. Recently, Publisher's Weekly said of An Indecent Proposition (Signet, April 2009) that it provides a spectacular and skillfully handled story that stands head and shoulders above the average historical.

Emma was born in Minnesota and she lives in the Midwest, though she grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended Illinois State University where she majored in geology, and there she met her husband, Chris. They have three children, a temperamental cat named Poot, and are lucky enough to live on a beautiful lake. On warm days, she does enjoy a glass of wine on the dock now and then, and always loves to sit at her desk, winter or summer, and tap at her keyboard."Sourced from the author's website (About Emma page)

My thoughts: Wildes is one of those authors that I can't help but follow. Her titles are fun and alluring and I am ecstatic to have some of them in my TBR pile at the moment. If you haven't given her a try, do so!

-Also, check out the Emma Wildes content I have right here on the blog: click here

And there is your Author of the Month for October 2010
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  1. I am reading My Lord Scandal right now will be finished in a a couple of hours. Can you ask her if John St. James have a book if so what's the title and when its available

  2. Hey Rhonda,
    I really want to read this novel and series soon. As for your question, I am not sure of the answer, but I will email Ms Wildes and try and find out the answer for you. Any info I can find out, I'll do so & keep you posted! Thanks for commenting today!

    Happy Readings!



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