Monday, June 6, 2011

New Month, New Material: June 2011

It's June!
Mega-Squee is in effect!!!
SO besides this month being MY birthday month, there's so much awesomeness going on in the romance reading world, I can hardly contain myself. RWA 11' is going down later this month, and even though it costs a leg and an arm to attend, the Literary Signing (big author signing event) is free and open to the public--it also takes place on my birthday! Which ALSO happens to be the day tons of great releases are scheduled to come out (see this month's list of Anticipated Releases). It'll be AMAZING!
....*bashful face*As you can tell, I haven't exactly gotten the whole 'getting back on track' thing down to a science. This should be the last time any of my staple posts (the new month update posts) should be late. Lots of reviews in the works and the requests just keep on coming. I'll be a very busy girl this summer but it's all worth it.
Something exciting that's going down this month is that me and the other members of the Pervy Trinity- Kati from Romancing Rakes and Jamie from For The Love of Romance, will be starting a fun little something later thing month. If you're a fan of Chelsea Lately, you'll love this new venture.  We're calling it Romance Lately-a talk show about romance books! (sounds cool, right?)The Trinity is starting this really cool online broadcast where we talk about the latest releases in the romance genre and then interview authors LIVE! Viewers will also be able to contribute by asking questions either to the hosts (the trinity) or the author! (if you have a webcam, you can video call in and speak to the author directly!) We're lining up some really cool guests for the first few shows-we know everyone will just FLIP when the first episode goes live! I can't reveal much more than that, but make sure you follow the show's blog at  for updates and links to the first broadcast which is scheduled for June 18th!
Another big update: I am pretty much confirmed to be going to RomCon11' ! SO EXCITED! It's a readers conference of sorts with tons of events and lots of great authors are going. If you're going, email me so we can  find mutual events to meet up at! And if you're not-umm, REGISTER!!! Actually, there's a special contest going on now that I'll fill you in on in a future post where you could win a ticket!!!
All I can say is: Stay tuned for more fun-ness!

The month may change but the mission stays the same: To make your followership of Not Another Romance Blog worthwhile!

Here's some of what to expect this month:
-Because maybe if I say it, it'll magically come true: More Reviews!
-Big Giveaway for RomCon11' Ticket
-First Episode of Romance Lately
-Post about my day in NYC at RWA 11' literary signing

...And so much more...

I look forward to the month of June and the crazy-coolness that's going to happen!

Until Next Post<3... 


  1. Woot! Excitement. A show, I can't wait! Need to find webcam immediately. And just in case I forget Happy Birthday!

    Landra Graf (Rise of the Slush)




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