Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Author of the Month: June 2011

Delilah Marvelle
"Delilah Marvelle spent her youth studying various languages, reading voraciously, and playing the pianoforte. She confesses that here ends the extent of her gentle breeding. She was a naughty child who was forever torturing her parents with countless adventures that they did not deem respectable. Confined to her room on many occasions due to these misadventures, she discovered the quill and its amazing power. Soon, to the dismay of her parents, she rather enjoyed being confined to her room and finished writing her first historical romance (which was a heart stopping 800 pages long...) at the age of 14. You can visit her at her website at www.DelilahMarvelle.com or her blog that explores the naughtier side of history at www.DelilahMarvelle.blogspot.com" from author's bio page

Find Delilah online: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

My Thoughts: Delilah is a riot! I love following her on twitter and reading her hilarious (but very factual) blog posts! She's the type of author you can just TELL you're going to enjoy. It seems like she has a literary voice that'll just mesmerize a reader. I can't wait to get to her books (blame Mt.Kill-A-Reader a.k.a my TBR pile for why she has not been read already). But in the meantime, you must tell me what's your favorite book by Delilah! Which of her Scandal series characters do you love the most?

And there is your Author of the Month for June 2011
*For more info on Delilah Marvelle, you can visit her website: (http://www.delilahmarvelle.com)


  1. Delilah is, indeed, a marvelous writer. Mistress of Pleasure is one of my favorites. Great picture, by the way! LOVE the dress & fan!

  2. I have a few of her books on my tbr shelves.. I have not had a chance to read any of them yet...but I am looking forward to her stories.. I think just the cover are an enticement to read them...

  3. I love Delilah's Scandal series and I'm really happy that another book seems to be coming out in 2012. I had a hard time picking a favorite because all three ladies had different strengths and weaknesses but I guess my favorite was Lady Justine Fedora Palmer....lol...she made me laugh the most!

  4. Delilah's last book in the Scandal series was absolutely amazing. Would you believe it was my first Delilah book! She is a hoot on Twitter and I am pledged to give Delilah's other stories more of my time in the future.



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