Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giveaway Winners & Secrets Reveals

Looks like congratulations are in order! 
Some very lucky commenters are now the winners of so really fab books!

Congratulations to:

Julee J. Adams
Who won the Vanessa Kelly giveaway for a copy of her latest historical romance, My Favorite Countess

Who won the Stefanie Sloane giveaway for a finished copy of her debut historical romance, The Devil in Disguise 

Secret #1: And for all those who applied to be Young Corinthians, the true traitor is: LORD PEMBROKE

And for the Jenn LeBlanc Giveaway, she wrote a little something to announce the winners AND give us Secret #2 by revealing the location of that extremely sought-after tattoo on her sexy muse, Derek!
Isn't he just gorgeous?
"Hello my lovelies! So have we waited long enough for me to reveal the secret placement of Derek's rising sun? I think we have. You might be surprised, perhaps a touch disappointed, but nobody guessed the correct answer. Derek's rising sun is on his left foot. I so wish I had a picture to share but alas, his feet don't make it into my viewfinder too often, I mean...there's just so much more Derek to look at right? So on to the giveaway...two copies of the book, if you already have it just let lovely Rita know and get your addy to her and I'll send you some happy swag instead! 

Congratulations to Brittany and Chrisbalis!!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments and all the fun. Stay tuned to my Facebook and Twitter for news and fun stuff. I'm sure Rita will keep you up to date on any developments with her new favorite muse as well.

That's all for now, folks! More giveaways are in the works, so keep check back! Thanks to everyone who entered a giveaway and to those who won, check your inbox and enjoy your reads!

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  1. Congrats winners! What a disappointment on where the tattoo is located. I'll have to get a closer look in August. Just saying.



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