Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Blogoversary: N.A.R.B through the years...erm, I mean year ;)

You're so sweet, Henry!!
Okay, so I know you guys must be sick to death of hearing me say the words Blogoversary- I promise this is the last post =)
I just want to give you guys a little look at what this fab year has meant to me and where it all started.

Exactly one year ago to this day, I had made my first post on this blog. 'The Welcome Post' was where I speeled on and on about how excited I was to be starting my blog. I called it a "little journalism bout", but had no real idea what it would become. I never thought a year later I would've made some real accomplishments and found 'my own' on the blogging community. It mind boggles me all the time!

For posterity's sake, here are the blog's 'firsts' *g*:
First review: 'What Happens In London' by Julia Quinn
First review under 3 Red Roses (it happens!): 'The Book Of Scandal' by Julia London
First Interview: with author Hope Tarr
First Author of the Month: Johanna Lindsey (duh!)
First Series Spotlight/Blog Event: June with Julia Quinn
First Journalistic-ish/Original Article: N.A.R.B Investigates: The Curious Case of Harriet Klausner
First Rita's Male Harem inductee: Barry Pepper
MY first interview-me being the interviewee: at BusyMomsWhoLoveToRead
*My 100th Post
My First Big Time Blog Event: Deck the Halls: A Christmas Blog Party
First Reader Poll and Awards: Readers Choise Award 2010

Some of my favorite posts to date:
My First Romance [novel]- How my book addiction started
Historical Romance on the Silver Screen: A list of my favorite period romance movies
From The Poetry Vault: Collections of some wonderful poems I stumble across
5 memorable Quotes: Collection of my favorite quotes from books in 5's (which I should probably add to!)
Freedom of Speech at a Price- Blogger's getting charged: I give my opinoin on an article I read
Holiday Recipe- Emeril Lagasse's Chocolate-y Chirstmas Cafe au Lait
Rita's Best Reads in 2010: My favorite reads from 2010
I hope you'll find some time to check out a few of the posts that made this year special. Feel free to comment on them, too, if you'd like.

I also want to take a moment to thank each and every one of YOU! All 180 of you who follow the blog through Google Friend Connect. All 396 of you who (bravely) follow on Twitter. All 700+ (woah) of you who gave me a 'like' on facebook. All of you on Goodreads and PocketAfterDark and everywhere else I happen to have an account on! You are the push I need to keep it up everyday when I've had a long day at school or a hard day at work and feel like just saying "forget this sh--". I want to thanks you for every single comment, email, tweet, EVERYTHING! You have my deepest appreciation!

Moving Forward:
Now what good is all this looking in the past if we don't take a peek at the future?
I am working on several different projects I hope to see to fruition in the next few months. One in particular I am really looking forward to and am pushing to get it up and running in the summer. (Vauge? Yes.) I am considering doing a summer event- any thoughts on what I could do? I'll add a suggestion box form on the contact page so you can send in your cool ideas and help be a part of the evoloution! lol!
I also want to increase my range reading/review wise and start making this a true all-around-romance site. Historicals will always be my main focus, but I've recently fallen for paranormals and contemporaries; so maybe some expansion is in the near future ;). I also want to get back to basics. Post more "5 Memorable Quotes" and add to my 'Poetry Vault'. So many possibilities and I can't wait to try and experience it all!
Other than keeping on as I've been (or at least: have been trying) I'll be working on making this year BIGGER and BETTER than the last! I hope to take you all along for the ride with me!

And what birthday post would be complete without a naughty theme pic?
Where's a saftey pin when you need one?

Remember, you have until the 21st of this month to enter the Blogoversary - 'Build A Book Giveaway' Giveaway and win your choice of 5 out of 9 books that will comprise your prize PLUS some tea and chocolates.
And also make sure to enter the other 2 giveaways that happen to be going on still.
Enter to win a copy of Kat Martin's 'A Song For My Mother'-here
Enter to win a copy of Kristan Higgins' 'My One And Only'-here
Thank you all,


  1. Congratulations and Happy Blogoversary! I enjoyed reading today's post and what a great balloon pic. :)

  2. Thank you Rita! I haven't been here for the full first year, but i'll definitely be here for the next :)
    You do a wonderful job and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next.

  3. Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog. It's one of my favs!
    BTW, isn't Henry going to be the new Superman? Or some action hero? I just LOVE him. He is what made the Tudors watchable in my book.

  4. OMHenry it's still your blogoversary! Congrats on one year.

    So I looked back on a few of your posts and I was disappointed that your Harem did not feature Henry. What in the name of Charles Brandon is that all about? (ooo...that's my other saying. I'm copyrighting it right now) Confession: I stalk you on your blog, Twitter, goodreads and FB. *please don't get a restraining order on me*

    P.S. If Henry ever did get a restraining order on us, I'd frame that. No joke.

  5. Happy Blogoversary! :)
    Congrats on your first year and hopefully many more to come! Love the new site design.

  6. Happy Blogoversary and have a great day!

  7. I loved the recap of your first year. And I especially love the picture of Henry at the top. ;) Here's to many more blog years to come!



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