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Author Interview with Stacy Deanne

Please welcome to N.A.R.B the fab Stacy Deanne! She writes contemporary-interracial crime &  mystery romances! I can't wait to try one of her books and gush! A New-to-me author she will be no-longer! Without further adieu, please welcome my special guest:
"Read Stacy's FAQ-esque Bio on her website: here"
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About Stacy's Latest Release:
'Giving Up The Ghost'
Released March 11th, 2011
Read an excerpt: here
"Albany Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris is having the year from hell. A sadistic admirer has been stalking her for months and now her friend Cheyenne Wilson has been beaten and left for dead.
With her ex-lover and faithful partner, Steven Kemp, Bree thrusts herself into the case. It’s not long before they believe two unrelated British men are connected to the attack. Michael is a womanizing artist with a ferocious appetite for rough sex. Simon is a wealthy free spirit looking for love in all the wrong places, but cannot break his destructive and indecent relationship with his sister, who might have ties to the attack, herself.
Bree struggles to determine fact from fiction when it comes to Michael and Simon but her attempts are blurred by Michael's manipulation and her sexual attraction to Simon, who Steven’s convinced cannot be trusted.
Meanwhile the stalker does everything in his power to get close to Bree and his obsession evokes a spiral of violence.
Bree must trust her heart to find answers but her heart leads her to the most dangerous man of all."

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-It's Q&A Time!-
RJ: Thanks for stopping by the blog, Stacy! Congrats on your latest (upcoming) release, 'Giving Up The Ghost'! 
SD: Thanks very much! This is my fourth release but the first in a series I've been anticipating releasing so I am very excited!
RJ: Where did the inspiration for your plot, characters, and setting come from?
SD: Bree and Steven are two detectives who debuted in my '08 novel, Melody. I fell in love with them and knew I wanted to do more with them so I decided to do a series. The books take place in Albany, New York which Melody also took place in. The setting just popped into my head. I knew I wanted it in someplace like New York City but not so busy so I found Albany perfect. The plot came from a simple premise and I just expanded it and added twists and my own touch.
RJ: Tell me about your Hero and Heroine (Steven & Bree). What are their flaws and positive attributes? Why are they attracted to each other?
SD: Well Steven and Bree are ex-lovers but still partners on the force. Steven still has strong feelings for Bree and even though she cares for him she's moved on for now. During the series they will have their own relationships with different characters that pass through the books. They might get back together, not sure. Steven is pining for Bree and that is what brings the tension in a lot of their scenes. What's unique about them is the romantic and sexual chemistry that comes from them not being together.  One of their main flaws is that they are both stubborn. They do butt heads.  Despite the friction at times they are always there for each other and can depend on each other. They are not only partners but very close friends. They have an amazing bond.
RJ: What do you like to find in a good romance novel and what type of characters do you like to read about?
SD: I like for characters to be realistic and the most important thing for me in a romance is chemistry. If the main characters don't have chemistry you've lost me immediately. I've read books where the author tried to force the chemistry between two characters and the story fell flat. You can't force chemistry. The audience won't fall for it. I think chemistry comes naturally and isn't something the author can create. That's why it's important to let our characters grow into what they want to be and not force them into our ideas of who they should be.
RJ: Why do you enjoy writing in the Crime and Mystery genre? What are some of your favorite books written in this genre?
SD: I've always loved suspense. I like stories where there's a puzzle or that challenge me to figure out something.  Hitchcock is my idol when it comes to suspense and mystery. Watching his movies and reading his short stories brought out my passion for the genre.  As for some favorite books there are so many but I love classics like Agatha Christie and one of my favorite modern day crime writers is Kay Hooper who also writes romance.
RJ: What projects are you currently working on and what can we expect from you next?
SD: I am finishing up other books in the Bree and Steven series. I am also putting the finishing touches on some standalones. My next release will be “The Season of Sin”. It's book two in the series! I hope to have two or more releases out in 2012. We'll see!
RJ: Final Question: What is something shocking or interesting about you that the readers may not know?

SD: That I really am demented. LOL.
RJ: Thanks again for swinging by and best of luck with your release!
SD: Thanks for having me! I appreciate it!
Make sure you stop by Stacy's website and check out some of her other works. Her latest looks real good, so I hope you guys pick it up and tell me how much you like it ;)

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  1. The story starts strong. Cheyenne is attacked, and her friend Brianna (Bree) comes in to investigate who did it. While on the case, Bree has to deal with a psycho stalker who calls her and makes sexually lewd comments--some of which were downright disgusting, which tells you how horrible this guy is. As a side note, I never guessed the correct identity of the stalker, no matter how many times I tried to guess. The final scene with him left chills down my spine. The guy was a real psycho!



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