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A Mother's Love, An Inspiration: Guest Post and Giveaway with Kat Martin

The fabulous Kat Martin is guest blogging today to tell us about a subject close to her heart- which also happens to be the inspiration behind her upcoming release (out April 5th) entitled 'A Song For My Mother'. Without further adieu, please welcome our special guest:
About the Author:
"For New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin, a career in real estate led her down the road to romance. Through real estate, Kat found her own perfect match--her husband, Western author Larry Jay Martin.
"We were on opposing sides of a transaction--I represented the seller and he represented the buyer," Kat recalls.
A short time after the two became acquainted, Larry asked her to read an unpublished manuscript of an historical western he'd written. Kat fell in love with both the book and the author! "It was quite a romantic story," she admits. "I'd still like to see it get published." Then, after doing some editing for her future husband, she thought she'd try her own hand at writing.
Kat moved on to become the bestselling author of over fifty historical and contemporary romance novels. To date, 12 million copies of her books are in print, and she's been published around the globe, including Germany, Norway, Sweden, China, Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, England, Estonia, Lithuania, South Africa, Italy, Poland, Thailand, Portugal, Turkey, The Slovak Republic, Spain, Argentina, Estonia, Czech Republic and Greece.
When she's not writing, Kat also enjoys skiing and traveling, particularly to Europe. Currently, she's busy writing her next book."

-You can find Kat Martin on the web at her website and on her facebook.

A Mother's Love, An Inspiration
   People often ask where I get my story ideas. Often the idea for a novel comes from a character who pops into my head or a plot concept, some kernel of information I may have read or seen on TV.  The idea for A SONG FOR MY MOTHER is a story that came out of nowhere and slowly developed into a book. 
      Three years ago, my mother passed away.  She was my best friend.  In my family, we were raised not to display emotion.  There was no hugging, no kisses on the cheek.  And yet without words, the bond between my mother and her three children was as strong as steel.
      We knew she loved us without question.  Knew she would be there for us no matter what we did or what happened in our lives.  She was the inspiration for all three of us, the person who convinced us we could achieve anything we wanted, be anything we wanted to be.
      In our family, I was the first child to go to college.  My sister and brother followed.  We all credit that accomplishment to our mother.
      In our later years, we became a little less reserved, but I never really told my mother how much she meant to me or how grateful I was to her for all she had done for me.
      Perhaps this story of the bond between mothers and their children is my way of telling her what was always in my heart.
      A SONG FOR MY MOTHER, the second in my Dreyerville Holiday series, is a story of love, loss, hope and second chances.  I hope you enjoy it.  
Warmest wishes, Kat

About the Book:
'A Song For My Mother'
Release Date: April 5th, 2011
Read an excerpt: here
"Years after running away with her boyfriend in her junior year of high school, Marly Hanson returns to Dreyerville at the request of her daughter, Katie, who has recently been treated for brain cancer. Katie has never met her grandmother, Marly's mother, Winnie. But Marly and Winnie have been estranged for years and confronting the past for each of them is painful. The homecoming is bittersweet, but revisiting the conflict between them is crucial if Marly and her mother are ever to find the bond they shared before Marly left Dreyerville.

To complicate matters, living next door to Winnie is handsome sheriff and widower Reed Bennett, and his son, Ham, who is close to Katie's age. Ham and Katie become fast friends, while their parents find their attraction to one another going deeper than mere friendship. But Marly's time in Dreyerville is limited and risking her heart isn't something she's willing to do.

As the days slip past, and though she tries to avoid it, Marly and Reed become more deeply involved. Can she risk loving the handsome sheriff and give up the the futer she worked so hard to forge for herself and her daughter? Can she make a life in Dreyerville after what happened all those years ago?

Will Marly finally realize that her true destiny and ultimate happiness lie in coming to terms with her past?

Book Trailer:
Get Your Copy Today!

Giveaway Details:
Kat Martin has generously offered to giveaway an autographed copy of 'A Song For My Mother' to one (1) lucky commenter. All you have to do to be entered in the drawing is leave a comment describing your relationship with your mother and/or what she means to you on this post. Also leave your email address so I can contact you if you're the winner. The giveaway will end April 17th, 2011 and the winner will be announced and contacted soon thereafter. Restricted to US & Canada. 

(Also, you can enter Kat's Mother's Day contest on her site which ends May 15th)


  1. Good Sunday morning! I hope you will all enter the contest. My mother was the core of our family, the subject A SONG FOR MY MOTHER deals with through the story of a mother and her daughter who are estranged for many years. It's a gift-szed hardcover, out for Mothers Day. I hope you will give it a try. best, Kat

  2. Hello, Kat. I love meeting authors that are new to me. Your new book sounds wonderful. I would love to read it. My mother and I have a strained relationship. I love her, but she makes it hard. With her, There is the right way and then there's her way. Nough said. I envy those who have loving nurturing mothers.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.

    qladyhawke at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Kat. Thanks for sharing your letter to us. In many ways how your own mother reminds me of how it was with my own mother. Growing up as a middle child, at many times I was the forgotten child - add that my mother was not huggy/kissy. What I am most grateful for though is that when I was a single mom of two boys, I had to opportunity to see my parents in a new light, one where they were not under stress of being the parents or the stress of finances that they had when I was a child. For my children, they had the benefits of a multigenerational household that helped mold them into the young gentlemen they are today. And, now, that my parents are now in need of someone to care for them, when times get tough, I remember how they were there when I needed them. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and for the giveaway.

    dtchycat at charter dot net

  4. Linda-- great comment. I have family members like that and you are right--it is so very hard to connect with them. that said, family is really important so it is really important that we give it our very best efforts. hope you like the book! best, Kat

  5. Dtchycat-- Interesting...families are all so different. And getting older, with families of our own, does give us a better perspective. I think stress, particularly financial stress, causes a lot of the problems in a family. As their stress lessens, they are better able to connect with their children. thanks so much, best, Kat

  6. Hi Kat, your book sounds like a wonderful read and I would love to read it. I guess I had a different sort of child hood. I was a middle child and my mother was injured when I was eight and it left her crippled. So it was more like the children helping take care of the mother. We didn't display emotion either, but I tried to with my son as he was growing up but now he doesn't want you to hug him or anything like that,maybe it will change later on. My mother passed away one week before my son was born and I still miss her today although she has been gone for many years. Thanks for the chance to win your book.

  7. Hi! Your book sounds wonderful. I love reading about close family.

    I think I have been pretty lucky. My mom isn't perfect but neither am I. I think that we managed to get along for 30 yrs without causing each other yrs of therapy... :) I think that my sister and brother have more problems with my mom... But overall, I think we all manage... NO need to call Dr. Phil... :)

  8. Kat -

    As I was reading about you and your mother. I think all of us need that one person in our family whether it be their mother, father or a sibling with whom they form that special bond that lasts a lifetime. Sometimes there may be conflict but the bond is everylasting and sometimes it can be tested but in the end the bond remains.

    I can't wait to read A Song for My Mother.

    I can't wait to read

  9. Virginia, May, and Jeanne-- really great comments. Interesting the different sorts of families. I think the non-demonstrative thing was mostly the norm back then. I like the hugs better. I agree about the one person you bond with. Whomever it is, its a really important thing. Great chatting with you all. for you mothers, Happy Mothers Day.

  10. Hi Kat,

    I would love to read your book. It sounds like an amazing story. My relationship with my mother was a bit rocky when I was a teenager and a young adult. When I reached my 30's & 40's, it mellowed out and we got along quite well. But it was always evolving and changing. Soon, her illness prevented her from living alone anymore. Fortunately, I had the room to take her into my home. I turned 50 in November and she died later that year on 12-26-93. It's been nearly 18 years since her passing and I'm here to tell you 50 years with your mother is not enough time! I still miss her.

    kkhaas at bellsouth dot net

  11. My mom is the most selfless person I know. I appreciate the tremendous sacrifices she made for her children. She is thousands of miles away and I miss her.


  12. Hi Kat,

    I really enjoyed your comments about family. My Mom was my best friend all my life, she was always there for me. She passed away 10 years ago and I still miss her. Don't tell anyone this but I still talk to her when I have a problem.

  13. Forgot to say I would love to read this book, I have all you other books and this would be a great addition to my shelf

  14. Sorry I forgot to leave my email addy


  15. I have several of Kat's books. This seems to be an entirely different type of book than I'm use to reading of Kat's.
    lvgund at

  16. My Mom is gone now but she was a very important part of my life. When my boys were small I always tried to teach my children the values she passed on to me. They are both doing a great job with their children so I think that Mom's influence is still going strong!

  17. My mother is pretty important to our family as she insists on everyone getting together periodically even though we are scattered.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com



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