Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recommendation of the Week: 11/21/2010 - 11/28/2010

'Three Nights Of Sin'
by Anne Mallory
"Three nights of danger . . .
When her brother was arrested for murder, the ton shut its doors to Marietta Winters. No one would help her save him from the gallows—no one but Gabriel Noble. In exchange for taking the case, Gabriel requests three favors from the desperate young beauty, and Marietta has no other choice but to make a deal with the sinfully handsome devil.
Three nights of pleasure . . .
Searching for clues in the rough underbelly of London, Marietta must masquerade as a shamelessly wanton wench—much to Gabriel's delight. But Marietta swears to herself that her passionate moans are just for show. She could never fall in love with such a maddening, arrogant, seductive stranger . . . could she?
Three nights of sin . . .
Night after night, she satisfies his wicked cravings. But soon Gabriel wants more from Marietta than just three nights of sin—and even a sordid secret in his past won't prevent him from trying to possess her forever."Source
[Read an excerpt: here]
My Thoughts: Anne Mallory is one of those authors I haven't gotten to yet, but I know I will love. From her gorgeous covers (albeit, this particular one isn't my fav), to her enticing blurbs, Miss Mallory has me itching my a six year old with the chicken pox to read what she has out. I will definitely be adding her titles to my future book purchases, and 'Three Nights Of Sin' will be one of the first! I like how the plot looks like it will set up and I can't wait to see how far Mariette can take her liaison with Gabriel before her heart takes over!

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This is your Recommendation for the Week of November 21st, 2010 thru November 28th, 2010

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