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'Till Dawn With the Devil' by Alexandra Hawkins -Review-

   Till Dawn With The Devil was a sensational read! Period! I enjoyed this book immensely and only found disappointment when I realized I’d turned the last page. Alexandra Hawkins did a splendid job of weaving believable characters, palpable attraction, and a soundly satisfying plot line that will leave you panting for more!
   Lady Sophia Northam lives in a world of constant shadows and blurs. Partially blinded in an incident from her childhood, Sophia is use to the pitying glances and whispered criticisms by the ton. In the care of her spend thrifty and neglectful brothers; Sophia strives for her few freedoms and doesn’t believe she will ever obtain full independence (or a love match on the marriage mart).
   The Earl of Rainecourt is rumored to have murdered his pregnant wife in violent rage 8 years ago. The public's opinion of him doesn't matter anymore and he’s given up his life to the allures of vice. "Reign" is adamant that he will never relive his unfortunate family past with another unsuspecting innocent ever again.
   As we all know: Fate has a funny way of setting us up with our polar opposites. A rogue and an angel will travel down a path that leads to the happiness they both secretly covet, but will a deceptive and dangerous past derail them on their journey to passion and unconditional love?  

[Read an excerpt: here]

At a very young age, Lady Sophia Northam lost her parents in a scandalous murder. Young Sophia was nearby at the time, attacked, and partially blinded by the murder. Ever since, society has treated her like an unfortunate cripple and Sophia resigns her hope of ever marrying or finding a love match.. Although she can partly see at close range out of one eye, for the most part, Sophia lives in a murky blur. Despite her eyesight impediment, and the careless, neglectful treatment by her vice-ridden brothers, Sophia has a quiet dignity and graceful disposition that will soon enchant one of the most notorious Lords of Vice.

Life hasn’t been too kind to Gabriel “Reign” Housely, the fifth Earl of Rainecourt. Sure, he’s sinfully handsome, wonderfully wealthy, and an earl to boot; but what does any of that mean to the hallow man beneath the veneer? A dark and sinister family past, an impulsive and disastrous marriage to a shrew, and the untimely and mysterious death of said shrew (while 7 months pregnant), has all taken it’s toll on Reign. The ton believes he has followed in his violent father’s footsteps and killed his wife-and Reign isn’t too concerned with contradicting them. 8 years have pass and Reign now lives for his vices and has no intention of taking another bride anytime soon (or starting the family he sorely lacked and secretly yearns for).

To the annoyance of her thoughtless brothers, Sophia decides to come to London and enjoy the Season with two friends; even though she detests social gatherings where all of society waits on baited breath for her poor eyesight to cause an embarrassing episode. At a town ball, Sophia captures Reign’s attention from afar and their paths are then firmly intertwined for a lifetime. Try as he may, Reign can’t shake his infatuation with the lovely and gentle Sophia. Even though the ultimate demise of their parents are directly related, the bond of attraction grows to a full on inferno and when Reign sees an opportunity to play hero to the strong-willed Sophia, the confirmed bachelor will do what he must.  

The past will come back to haunt our couple as they struggle to grasp the chance at happiness they never thought they would have. Will love be enough to bring our angel and devil together?
Rating: 5 Red Roses
My Favorite Part of the Book: Was the camaraderie between the Lords of Vice! What a sinfully satisfying group of men! I think Chillingworth (Frost) is an ass, but he will probably end up being my favorite character in the series! I am still chanting "A toast, a bawdy boast..."
This book enchants from the prologue and makes an instant fan out of anyone reading Alexandra Hawkins for the first time. I enjoyed the flawed characters with their hidden inner strength and dizzying chemistry. I am always a fan of the dark hero, so seeing a vice-ridden Reign work through his issues and find love with Sophia was satisfying and endearing. This has been yet another book in which finding fault has proven difficult.. The plot was well developed and engaging while making the reader sit on the edge of their reading chairs and raptly drinking in all the action. I only wish it would have lasted longer. The protagonists’ relationship was one I would have liked to have seen developed a bit more after it reached it's new level towards the end. I wanted a bit more from them in the new phase of their relationship before we reached the climax in the story.
You simply must read this book! I’ll be on the look out for the next Lord of Vice story without a doubt!

[A special thanks to the author
for sending a copy for review]

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