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Author Of The Month: November 2010

Christina Dodd
"Readers become writers, and Christina Dodd has always been a reader. As she was growing up, she read everything, but discovered, because she liked humor, that she liked romance best. In romance, the relationship between one man and one woman holds center stage, and that’s always good for a laugh.
A woman wants things like world peace, a clean house, and a deep and meaningful relationship based on mutual understanding and love. A man wants things like a Craftsman router with attachments, undisputed control of the TV remote, and a red Corvette which will miraculously make his bald spot disappear.
So while Christina was working as a draftsman, she would read during the lunch hour, go back to work to design a sawmill, and plot the conclusion of the story in her mind. The book never ended like that, and she liked her endings better. When her first daughter was born, she told her husband she was going to quit work and write a book. It was a good time to start a new career, because how much trouble could one little infant be?
Quite a bit, it seemed. It took ten years, two children and three completed manuscripts before her first novel, CANDLE IN THE WINDOW, was published.
In the seventeen years since, her novels have been translated into twelve languages, featured by Doubleday Book Club, recorded on Books on Tape for the Blind, won Romance Writers of America’s prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and been called the year’s best by Library Journal. Christina Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle (11/18/05, #13 Down: Romance Novelist named Christina.) Christina is a regular on the USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and the New York Times Bestseller Lists. Publishers Weekly praises how Christina’s writing style “showcases Dodd’s easy, addictive charm and steamy storytelling.”
Christina's releases for 2010 included her first new historical in four years, IN BED WITH THE DUKE. Yes, IN BED WITH THE DUKE is one of the Governess Brides as well as the much-requested story of Michael, the brother from MY FAIR TEMPTRESS! In July and September, Christina publishes CHAINS OF ICE and CHAINS OF FIRE, the highly anticipated continuation of her acclaimed paranormal series, the Chosen Ones. In 2011, another Governess Brides historical, TAKEN BY THE PRINCE, will be released for your pleasure, and more stories of the Chosen Ones will be out in the autumn.
Her legions of fans always know that when they pick up a Christina Dodd book, they’ve found a story “For the wild at heart!” Sourced from author bio page

My Thoughts: I first fell in love with Dodd's work after finishing 'My Favorite Bride'(click link for review). It was such a simple, yet deep story with many levels and I couldn't help falling in love with all the characters! Dodd is a top notch historical romance author but also writes very popular Paranormal and Romantic Suspense novels! Readers have fallen in love with her Chosen One (paranormal) and Governess Bride (historical) series, along with the 50+ books she has currently written! I am looking forward to many, many, MANY more books by Ms Dodd!

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And there is your Author of the Month for November 2010
*For more info on Christina Dodd, you can visit her website: (http://www.christinadodd.com)

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  1. The first Christina Dodd book I read was "In Bed With The Duke" and I loved it. It was funny, romantic with a sexy hero and a frightened heroine who turned into one tough cookie (as my grandmother would have said). Then a friend (thank you Johanna) challenged me to read "Scent of Darkness" because I told her I didn't like paranormals. I loved it and wound up reading not only the rest of that series, but reading the entire Chosen Ones series. And I can not wait for the next book in that series to come out!



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