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Recommendation of the Week" 08/22/10 - 08/29/10

'Prince Of Dreams' by Lisa Kleypas
"A wealthy and bitter exile, the most dangerous and desirable man in all England, he burns to possess a proud, headstrong beauty who is promised to another. But winning Emma Stokehurst's exquisite hand through threats and determination does nothing to fill the empty spaces in Nikolas's heart -- until passion's magic carries the handsome, tormented prince back to a bygone era of splendor and romantic dreams.
For there his destiny awaits him in a distant life. And in one remarkable woman's tender touch -- achingly familiar but gloriously new -- he must seek the elusive promise of ecstasy...and learn, at last, to love."Source
-I personally enjoyed this novel a great deal. Having read the first book in the Stokehurst series, 'Midnight Angel', I was already familiar with the secondary characters who take center stage in this book. The brash Russian [exiled] prince and the flame-colored-hair, animal loving object of his affections stirs the pot well! It was very culturally centric, without being 'TOO MUCH' in the unfamiliar. Some might tell you that they disliked the sort of time-travel aspect that was thrown into the middle of the book, and I'd have to agree somewhat, but only because I was more interested and focused on Emma and Nikolas instead of their ancestors. Give it a read. You'll like it!

-Read a review of 'Prince Of Dreams' at Love.Romance.Passion : here

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  1. It's always amusing to me to find that I've missed a favorite author's previous story... but I completely overlooked this series!
    Lisa Kleypas's Wallflower series was my first taste of modern Regency romance (Georgette Heyer preceding her)I soon after devoured what I thought was all of her books.
    I've read on average 3 historical novels a week since I've been a stay at home mom... 5 years in September. So some 800 books later I'm amazed to be able to read 3 'New' Kleypas books!!!!
    Thanks for recommending this one today!

  2. Lol, I feel the same way. I love discovering there are more books to read by a fav author! This one was more eccentric compared to some of her other series and books, but it's still pretty good!

    And coolness on reading that many historicals a week. I think I am at the same level, although college starts for me in a few days, so idk what my reading schedule will look like in the coming weeks.

    LK's Wallflower series is great too and were some of my first histoircals. The first in the Hathaway series, 'Mine Till Midnight', was really my first taste of historicals, along with Johanna Lindsey's 'A Rogue of my Own'.

    Lisa Kleypas-She's a wonder! =D

    *And thanks for stopping by and commenting today. Glad this recommendation was helpful!

    Happy Readings,

  3. I just ordered this and am expecting it in the mail any day now. I too love, love, LOVE Lisa Kleypas! The Wallflower's and Hathaways's are favorites of mine and I re-read both series all the time. Although, I haven't been terribly fond of some of her earlier work, I'm willing to give anything of hers a try!
    Thanks for alerting me to one of her books I probably would have overlooked!

  4. @Jess, I am glad you'll give it a try. It was really a wonderful book. Really different and special but sort of classic too. You might want to try 'Midnight Angel' first, that's where the characters are first introduced. That one was a little out there as well, but still a good read!

  5. Thanks! I actually did read "Midnight Angel a couple of years ago when I was borrowing 10 books a week from the library! That only lasted a few months (I went through all their romance section in no time at all), but it introduced me to some great author's, Lisa Kleypas being one of them. I might try to borrow it again just to refresh my memory, but I remember not being to thrilled with it the first time. I actually got "Prince of Dreams" off of Paper Back Swap, so that if I didn't like it, I could offer it back up for trade.



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