Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Month, New Material: August 2010

   Aloha August! (the aloha that means hello, not goodbye) What an exciting first 4 months this has all been! Last month has given me the opportunity to read some great books, chat with some awesome authors, bloggers and readers, and learn that being interrogated is a pretty cool experience. All in all, the month of August has been pretty eventful and I deem it a success!
   What better way to start off the month then with a little brain-storming post with a list of stuff I probably won't get around to doing? LOL, it's crazy how busy my day to day is and how side tracked I become. Eventually, the majority of the things listed in the monthly 'New Month, New Material' segments will get accomplished at some point.
   I am also given cause to be thankful going into August because I have maintained and gained some fabulous readers/followers! As I am always saying,: THANK YOU, everybody who has been with N.A.R.B from the start and/or kept coming back for more of my random, bookish musings. And also, THANK YOU to all the new followers who have taken a chance on this blog and hopefully haven't been disappointed thus far. And I can't leave out my beloved twitter followers and facebook 'like'ers. A quick newsflash regarding all of that; this month, I have added Goodreads and Pocket After Dark to the line up of Social Networking Sites I have set-up accounts with associated with the blog. All these pages are dedicated to keeping you abreast on everything going on and to reach out and connect with my fellow avid (or occasional) readers.
   I start this month off the same way I have all the others: with the intent on making your followship of Not Another Romance Blog worthwhile.

Here's some of what to expect this month:
-Because I never tire of saying it: MORE REVIEWS
-That darn Online Resources post for helpful reader websites
-More Coffee Shop Conversations & Book Giveaways
-Another (a few) addition(s) to Rita's Harem ;)
-Some more Guilty Pleasures
-A fun addition of 5 memorable quotes: 'Shakespeare edition'
-That update on my TV-Top Bookshelf
-Some more book trailer features and video content
-A little more literary news
...And so much more...

I look forward to the month of August and the boat load of great books I'll get to gush with you guys about!

Until Next Post<3...

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