Thursday, August 26, 2010

Introducing: Paranormal Inferno:Book Reviews -our sister site for Paranormal Romance Novels!

  Paranormal Inferno: Book Reviews!

   In the 4, almost 5 months since this blog was first conceived (yes, conceive), I had no idea how far it would I would take it or it would take me. As the demands to keep up with all the other book blogs mounts, and opportunities to grow, not only as a blogger, but as a reader presents itself, someone needed to be brought in to help me keep up.
   May I introduce to all of you: Miss Carsen Travis! I am bringing in Carsen to run and maintain the paranormal sister site for Not Another Romance Blog. Her poison is Paranormals, so for all you Scifi-nuts, she will be catering specifically to you.
   I am so excited and pleased to join forces with Carsen and offer you guys some more variety. Me and Carsen have some major history. We went to the same elementary school together, and after high school tried to rip us apart (by going to different schools), we happened across each other at our College Orientation and rekindled the blazing flame of mutual geek-ness. It was crazy and serendipitous that we should meet again, and now that we have established that, yes, we both still adore books over people, we've decided to partner up!   My number one goal with Not Another Romance Blog is to make your follower-ship worthwhile. I honestly believe the new addition of Paranormal Inferno: Book Reviews will benefit everyone and I look forward to you guys witnessing the silliness that is Carsen. Together, we will free you from the leg shackles of your boring 9 to 5, and give you a peek inside the world of fabulous literature (i.g slutty, trashy, sex-filled books that always center around love).

Join me in welcoming Carsen and the sister site Paranormal Inferno to the N.A.R.B family!

-Check out the Grand Opening Post where Carsen introduces her self a bit further and tells you what to expect from the blog.

There are so many great platforms to meet and discuss books on, and Carsen has made sure to be as accessible as possible to all the readers out there. So add/friend/follower her on there various sites and instantly get connected with all of the goings-on on Paranormal Inferno: Book Reviews

Homepage: (Carsen is working hard to have great reviews ready for you when you decide to swing by the site. Always visit the homepage frequently and check out whats new. Leave comments too, and Carsen will always check them and reply back. And Don't Forget! Become a follower! exclusive followers only events will start up soon, so be ahead of the game)

Facebook Profile:

Facebook Fan Page: ('Like' Paranormal Inferno: Book Reviews on facebook for up-to-the-minuet updates on new blog posts, contest and random musings with Carsen)

Twitter: (Carsen loves to tweet. just @CarsenTravis in your tweet and she'll love to chat books, life and love with you. She'll also be updating on blog post via twitter as well.)

Goodreads: (Gotta love goodreads. Just add Carsen as a friend to get the scoop on what she's currently reading and more!)

and there you have it. Get to know Carsen and gush with her about pervy, immortal, paranormal heros ;)

-HistoricalRomanceJunkie Rita

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