Monday, May 10, 2010

I do it all for you (and the love of a good book)

   Just a tiny disclaimer: Yes, that IS a hello kitty comforter on my bed. LOL!
   Just giving you guys a look at what I've got going on on the book front. About half of these have been read/reviewed, but I still have to finish the lot before I can return them to the library and get a fresh 'stack'.
   I refer to the following term a lot, but for an accurate definition:

Reading Queue (Ree-Ding-Kuew): A line-up of recently 'check-out' books from the library (or newly purchased books) that are meticulously arranged and placed atop an extra television (which is much larger than the one I use now, but I am too lazy to buy a universal remote to get this one working again; it's called convenience!) in the order I wish to read them.

I useually take home a stack of books, checking-out around 4-8 at a time. Since I have this neat, little blog, I'll probably be reviewing every book I aquire.
I love the idea of a reading queue because it lays out exactly what and when I should read something from my always stocked 'tv top bookshelf'. It's set up in a way that's probably confuseing to others, but mysteriously practical to me.
There is a rhyme to my reason. I am just weirdly efficent like this.

Until Next Post<3...


  1. this looks like my nightstand...the one actually on my side of the bed...I have the new ones that come in the mail and the then the one's I purchase from the used book store..


  2. Your queue is perfect, HRC. Charming, industrious use of extraneous furniture. Efficient, certainly. My stack of to-be-reads, in order of intention, tops a nearly empty kleenex box. Not furniture, per se (or, actually, at all), and not particularly stable (decidedly not). But location is everything, wouldn't you agree?

    I also love the name of your blog. :)

    Happy reading!

  3. @ Raynell
    I think any avid reader who finds comfort in numerous volumes of books being situated within reaching distance, has a funny way of setting it up.

    The stacks really help me because I visit several different libraries at a time (or 1 on Monday, 1 on Tuesday, ect), and having all the different return dates can get confusing(though I am proud to say I've never returned a book late).
    The books are first in descending order;set up in the order in which they will be read, and then in columns representing different libraries.

    ah, euphoria in organized-clutter!

  4. @ Kathrine Ashe
    Yes; my future spouse will praise my frugality!
    "Oh, don't worry honey, I don't need a bookshelf. Just give me that old washing machine and we'll work something out"...
    lol.. I, too, use the Kleenex box! usually after I stay up past 3am to 'make a dent' in a new read and need somewhere to put my book before I try and catch a few hours of sleep!

    and location is certainly everything!

    Happy Readings yourself (but watch out for towering stacks of books atop your tissue box...they say its the number one killer of avid readers who refuse to conform to the 'norm' and get an actual bookshelf!)



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