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'Blue-Eyed Devil' by Lisa Kleypas -Review-

   Intense. Incredible. Gratifying Beyond Measure. Yep, that's what 'Blue-Eyed Devil' has me saying. I thought 'Sugar Daddy' was too outstanding for words; 'Blue-Eyed Devil' robbed me of breath and ruined me for any other novel! When I finished this particular book, I knew I was spoiled. Any other contemporary I had read up to that point, and every contemporary I am destined to read after this one will pale in comparison. You will fall in love with this amazing novel, I guarantee it!

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   She thought she was in love. Even a dizzying kiss with a relative stranger and her family's disapproval couldn't stop Haven Travis from marrying her boyfriend, Nick. Two years in a declining marriage, and the marks to show for it, have our heroine returning to her family in Houston to rebuild her life. She's always seen her family's wealth as a reason to prove herself as a competent, hard-working individual as appose to the spoiled-brat society would like to believe she is. While trying to work her way to the top in her brothers property-management company, she crosses paths with the familiar stranger whom set her senses on fire when she mistakenly kissed him 2 year previous at her brother's wedding.
   Hardy Cates was dealt a low hand in life, and had to work his way to the top. His ever-ambition and persistence can be off-putting to people, especially when its directed at them to Hardy's personal gain; but when the enchanting Haven Travis appears in his line of vision a second time, with no ring on her finger, Hardy will go all out to claim what he should of 2 years ago.
   The animosity between Hardy and Haven's family, brought on by the long-ago relationship between him and Liberty, Haven's brother Gage's wife, and his trying to win her back (see 'Sugar Daddy' review), is nothing compared to the inner demons Hardy must help Haven overcome.
   Hardy moves into Haven's apartment building, a Travis-owned glass-and-metal structure that is the epitome of high-class style, and his 'wooing' begins to take shape. Haven is apprehensive to the whole idea of Hardy, but even after some embarrassing amorous interludes which end with her freaking out at the intimacy, she still feels drawn to him. Hardy helps her work out her intimacy issues and they share some steamy scenes and form a connection that grabs your attention and shows you what real love is. There's a terrifying twist towards the end of the book (as if my nerves weren't shot by chapter 4) when the past (her ex-husband) tries to work his way back into Haven's life. All is resolved and this masterpiece of a novel comes to it's conclusion.

Rating: 5 Aww's

My Favorite Part of the Book: Is when Hardy saves Haven from drowning in an elevator. Sounds far-out, I know, but it works. Haven is on her way down to the parking garage after an important meeting and there is a storm going on that's flooding parts of the town. As it descends, the elevator stops and begins to take on water. Haven tries not to panic as she makes calls which don't prove fruitful. As her phone is dying out, she finds herself on the recent calls list and Hardy's number is there; he had called to discuss the embarrassing scene that took place as they were making out at a theater opening. Being so close to Hardy brought back a none-to-pleasant flashback from when she was with her husband; she freaked out and ran away, leaving Hardy hard and confused. She calls him and tells him shes trapped in an elevator and he comes to rescue her. The really funny part of this scene is when the roof of the elevator is pried open by Hardy and Haven says "I am so sorry I didn't have sex with you". Hardy informs her that he's sorry too and that everything they're saying is being overheard by two maintenance guys. I just loved how this scene meshed with the whole story and it was pretty funny considering the context.

   Is there any such thing as a perfect book? Maybe not, seeing as there are an unlimited amount of different preferences and possibilities, it would be hard to please all the people all the time. But 'Blue-Eyed Devil' would top my proverbial 'perfect' list. It was so emotional and triumphant and vulnerable and passionate that I found a little bit of myself falling in love with Hardy too. His masculinity oozes from the paper, and Haven's insecurities and vulnerability speak to that fragile female in all of us. There is high conflict, high action and high sensuality. There aren't enough words to describe how this book just makes you feel. Whether your a fan of contemporaries, historicals, paranormals; whatever the case may be, this book will convert you. I've never been a real glutton for contemporaries, but this book has sparked a hunger for the genre in me I may never be able to quell.

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