Sunday, May 2, 2010

Author of the Month- May 2010

My God Mama of Historical Romance:
Johanna Lindsey

This author is a GOD SENT! All of her works speak to me on different levels. Lindsey is responsible for giving me the introduction to GREAT HR's that have made me such a picky reader to this day. When you start of with the best, you think nothing of the rest!

   Since her first book in 1977, 'Captive Bride', Johanna Lindsey has become a raving success! The 40+ novels that have followed 'Captive Bride' have all reached the New York Times Bestseller List; many coming in at number 1.
   Lindsey has been around for a while and as the times changed, her writing evolved as well. She has weaved seamlessly in and out of many different sub-genres in the Romance world. From classic Historicals that hold her their own essences and makes them stand out in a crowd of other novels on the self, to stories of pirates and vikings that put Disney to shame, Lindsey has dabbled in a little bit of everything. There are exotic Arabian tales, medieval masterpieces, gloriously rustic Western American sagas and even some Time-Traveling and Deep Space exploration.
   Lindsey has done it all, but that doesn't mean were finished with her yet. Some of her most well known works and series are: the 'Mallory-Anderson Series', the 'Reid-Locke Series' and the 'Sherring-Cross Series'. Poised to come out in June 2010 with yet another addition to the critically acclaimed 'Mallory Series'- 'That Perfect Someonewill undoubtedly be anticipated like a stimulus package until the day of release.
   And is it any wonder that our first 'Author of the Month' is the one that started it all for me? Someone with as impeccable a writing style and as captivating a story-telling ability such as Johanna Lindsey only comes by every so once in an often.

     So, there is your May 2010 'Author of the Month' !


  1. I have heard of this author but never read anything by her. I will have to look into reading some of hers

  2. Yep, shes amazing. I hope this author of the month feature helps a lot of fans out there. I know how happy I get when I discover a new author. Its like Christmas! And if Jo Lindsey is a new author for you, I can expect your x-mas to be very satisfying!
    Depending on you taste, check out her Wikipedia page (where her novels are categorize by theme) and pick a title that jumps out at you.

    'Love Only Once' is the first book in the Mallory series and I think you'd enjoy it!
    Let me know what you think of her after you've given her books a shot!

    Happy Readings!

  3. OMG, I Have Loved This Author Since I Started Reading Historical Romances Back In 1988. She Is Such An Awesome Writter. Between Her And Julie Garwood I Had So Many Great Books To Read Over The Years. Great First Choice For Author Of The Month.

  4. Thank you so much skyla11377! Lindsey means a lot to me as an author as well! I haven't read much by Julie Garwood, but from what I have, I am impressed with her too!
    Feel free to send me an email anytime to discuss the awesomeness that is Lindsey! 22 years is a long time (not that your old) and a lot of book knowledge! I'd be honored to pick your brain a little and hear any of your suggestions about anything!



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