Saturday, May 29, 2010

From The Poetry Vault...

While reading a book of poetry ('The World's Favorite Love Poems' edited by Suheil Bushrui) I came across a poem I just had to share. I love poetry, and if I stumble upon a particular poem that speaks to my feminine sensibilities, I'll make sure to post it in this new addition to the blog- 'From The Poetry Vault...'

Diarmad O'Curnain
Love's Despair
-translated from Gaelic (Irish origins) by George Sigerson
I know not the night from day,
   Nor thrush from cuckoo gray
Nor cloud from the sun that shines above thee-
   Nor freezing cold from heat
   Nor friend-if friend I meet-
I but know-heart's love!-I love thee
   Love that my Life began,
   Love, that will close life's span,
Love that grows ever by love-giving:
   Love,from the first to last
   Love, till all life be passed,
Love that loves on after living!

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