Friday, April 16, 2010

What to expect from this blog

 Like with every new website or blog, the creator is ambitious and excited and so full of bright ideas to make their site something special. That being said, I must inform you that I am not an exception. Maybe this post is more for myself then those who will come across this blog, but all the same, I would like to outline a few of my ideas on what I will expound upon in the coming months.
   Obviously, I will be doing book reviews, but aside from that, I want this blog to be investigative and informational. So heres what I've been thinking...

*Book Reviews (duh!) (including series recaps- Like Johanna Lindsey's Mallory series and Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series)
*Author of the Month
 *Subscriber Spotlight- (interview on their literary taste-fav books, ect- and their review of a book)
*Posting Book Trailers
*Coming Soon (1st of the month post with titles to look out for later in the month)
*Interviews with Authors (if I find a willing participant)
*Historical Romance Manifesto (an on-going blog project that will be posted in parts and contributed by the comments and insights of not only myself, but you readers)
*Polls (on everything from favorite cliche' to funniest novel)
*Random Questions and Notions
*The Men of (insert authors name)-(A detailed evaluation and competition between different male lead characters of the selected author's different novels) 
*'The Holiday Post' (a collective look at a few of the many Christmas themed romances)

.....the list will grow as the ideas come to me, but if you have a suggestion or opinion of whats up here so far, leave a comment =)......

...Until Next Post<3

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