Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am But Only A Mere Human!!!!!!

Hello my lovelies,
My apologies for my inferior breeding. I am only human, and thus, can't show this blog the 24/7 attention I would like. But a girls' gotta eat!! (and sleep, and read romances to review, and pass calculus...and occasionally refill that bubble bath!). But in all seriousness, I would love to post something new everyday and add more and more content, so that whenever your whims influence you, you can click on this page and read something fresh and new. I hate the blogs that are so good, but take super long to add new content. Realizing I have more of a life than I thought I did, I can truly sympathize now. No worries. I will work my hardest to bring you your regular dose of 'the freshness' and keep you entertained!!!

and just because I had to do it: " ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!"

working on a few new post and the Sunday updating of 'Recommendation of the week'..... hmmm, what should I suggested this time.....

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