Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Welcome Post

Hello There,
This is the first official post of the 'Not Another Romance Blog' blog. I am so excited to be starting this little journalism-bout of mine. Although the title suggests otherwise, this IS another Romance blog. I stick to Historical Romances most of the time, but I do dip in and out of other contemporary romances and genres too! What I am planning to do with this blog is to provide the public (that's you) with my insight on everything from different writing cliche' to book reviews and so much more.  
I am always willing to listen to you guys; in fact, I encourage your opinions and suggestions. I run an open inbox, so if you just want to say hello, if you'd like to send suggestions on future topics to dive into, or WHATEVER, I am only a send button away! I will be starting a 'subscribers review post' periodical which will spotlight a subscriber and their review on whatever book they've been reading (subjected to change depending on participants availability). I'll also be working on polls, bringing up-to-date news from the literary world to you , and just about everything else humanly possible. 
One of the greatest things about books is their ability to take you out of the constrictions of reality and thrust you into a world where little boys have lightning scars on their heads and even the loneliest of spinsters find love. We all have our battles to fight, but books just takes us all away from that (even if its only until you reach the epilogue).... 

and btw my lovelies, we may be bookworms (in our own regard), but that doesn't mean we don't have lives. Forget whom ever it was that said reading isn't 'cool'. It isn't that us 'bookies' don't have lives, its just that we have way too many different lives to choose from. Thats the power of a good novel. It's a sad occasion in my opinion, to witness and listen to grown high school students (my graduating class specifically) and hear them say things like "I've never had a library card."  Explore every nook and cranny the world of literature has to offer =)

.. Until Next Post <3


  1. thanks! and continued success with your blogging!

  2. Hi, I found you! I wish I'd known about your blog earlier, I would have loved to join in with the whole Julia Quinn month and Jennifer Ashley giveaway! Joining now so I'll be sure not to miss anything coming up!

  3. Thanks Julie! Glad you found me and glad I found you! Those were just the tip of the ice berg. I have some many more events planned, and tons a giveaways planned for the coming months! You surely won't miss a thing! =D



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