Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Two-fer !!! Coming Soon (Just Not Soon Enough)

It is, or at least should be, common fact around here, that I am a HUGE Lisa Kleypas fan. And even more so, I am addicted to everything Julia Quinn. Thus, it's only fitting that the most anticipated books of the year (so far), at least for me, are 'Married by Morning' by LK and 'Ten Things I Love About You' by JQ. They both have book trailers out now and both of their books are to be released on May 25th,2010. This post may be a month ahead of schedule, but I couldn't resist ;). No need to worry though, another post for each book is foreseen in the future!!

-I love how classic this trailer is. A lot of LK book trailers (which can be found on you tube), have a classic sense to them. Having read the Hathaway series up to this point, I am very familiar with the hate-loathe relationship between Leo and Ms.Marks. In 'Tempt Me At Twilight', which is his sister Poppy's story,  We get little heighten interactions and strange behaviors between the pair and it is obvious something is up. Even in 'Seduce Me At Sunrise', his sister Winnifred's story;and also the story where Ms.Marks is introduced; we see little interactions that foreshadow something greater.  The ending of 'Tempt me At Twilight' leaves us in Cathrine Marks' room where Leo arrogantly sweeps in, traps her against her dressing table as he braces his arms on either side and says "Cat...We have to talk about what happened"..Period, end, then all you see is back-of the-book cover. If that doesn't send ants of anticipation in your pants, idk what will !!!'Married by Morning' is the final book of the series and thus should be the 'bang' the beloved Hathaways go out with. / an excerpt from the book can be found on LK's website: excerpt

-Another addition to a beloved series. We all fell in love with Sebastian Grey as he brought a levity of humor into 'What Happens in London' as Harry Valentine's best friend. Who can forget the part in that book where he stands on a table in front of a crabby Russian prince and 'preforms' a retelling of the ever present 'Miss Buttersworth and the Bloody Baron'. Well now he has his own story and it appears as if it will be another smash hit by JQ. The trailer is very innovative (as far as trailers that I've seen go). The graphics, the narration; It all speaks to the style of Quinn (as I am so fond of referring to it as). Very well done!! / An excerpt of this book can be found on JQ's website as well: Chapter 1 of 'Ten Things I Love About You'

*Remember, that's MAY 25th, 2010, these amazing books are to be release. Pre-order at, or any other [dot]com you fancy!!!!

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