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'For The Love Of Mollie' by KT Grant -Review-

   A devastatingly sensual, yet heartfelt story that can resonate somewhere with ladies of all shapes and sizes. We all have our own insecurities and can sympathize and even empathize with the heroine. Several times while reading this novella, I caught myself thinking, "OMG, I would just die if that happen to me!" and "That's what I would think, too!" Mollie speaks to the second-guesser in all of us and when she wins, it feels like we all won!
   At thirty-something years old, Mollie McGree has a stable career, trustworthy friends, and a crush on a man she feels she's not good enough for. The sexy Juan Carlos (J.C) is the masseuse built to perfection who doesn't seem to notice plus-sized Mollie as more than just a friend. In a bid to lose weight and snare some of J.C's attentions, Mollie joins a gym run by the physically-honed sex god, Conner Bean. After-hour's work out sessions leads to steamy sexual encounters and then tender feelings begin to develop between the couple. Conner is determined to refocus Mollie's sights to him and convince her that she is perfect just the way she is. But how do you combat the almighty ideals society has placed upon women? With lots of sex, that how!!.. (and with love, too!)

[Read an excerpt: here]

   Mollie McGree isn't stick-skinny, and her C-cup bust is definitely real. She believes that by losing weight, she will make her sexy friend, J.C., notice her in a more sexually way. She does crash diets and works out as much as she can, but she’s finding the transition into something she’s not a very difficult one.
   When she joins World Class Gym, run by a modern day David, Conner Bean, she can’t believe he’s paying attention to her. She continues to doubt herself, but Conner is persistent in his attempts to get to know her (and get in her panties) and successfully lays down a foundation for something deeper. They share INTENSE sexual gratification and Conner’s sincere intentions towards Mollie begin to bring down her wall of insecurities.
   But when an attractive (and much thinner) whore-woman (yes…I said whore-woman! LOL) hits on Conner, and Mollie walks in on them, it’ll take something big to convince Mollie to trust in Conner’s love for her and to love herself.

Rating: 4 ½ Red Roses
   My Favorite Part in the Book: Mollie is at the wedding anniversary party for the parents of her best friend, Suzy Bean. She’s been crash dieting and all the food at the party is just taunting her. Conner is there (since he’s Suzy’s cousin) and convinces Mollie to dance with him. While they are dancing, her stomach starts to grumble. She is so embarrassed by it, but Conner-Mr.Sex God himself- handles it well and shows us what we all need in a man. He doesn’t laugh at her, or try to play it off. He blames himself for fast-tracking her to the dance floor without seeing if she wanted something to eat. I choose this scene because I know how embarrassing it is when you have a hungry belly attack in front of a cute guy. Connor’s concern just made me swoon!
   This novella was a real pleaser while sending a message at the same time. You'll connect with the characters and fell empowered by the time you finish reading. I loved the way Grant used the body issues and insecurities we all feel to show how silly we can all be. Girls, this is my message to you: EAT BITCH! Do you like McGriddles? Then eat McGriddles. Point blank. Some of us aren’t meant to see the number 2 on our clothing unless we’re playing softball or something. ‘For The Love Of Mollie’ is all about embracing your size, but also being conscious of your health. Eat healthy, but don’t feel like you’re inferior just because you like your cake and eat it too every now and then.
   Oh and did I mention how frecking HOT this story is? When I say Connor is a Sex-God.. I MEAN IT! Keep a bottle of water handy as you read this story. You’ll need it!

[A special thanks to the author
for sending the PDF for review]

*You fell in love with her 'tell it like it is' style in 'For The Love Of Mollie'. Now, find out why Suzy Bean just disappered at the end of the story. 'The Claiming Of Suzy' will be avalible from Decadent Publishing on 9/25/2010!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of 'Mollie'. Just WAIT till you read 'Suzy'. Your ereader MAY just start smoking it's so hot and delish!

    Heather Bennett
    Executive Editor
    Decadent Publishing

  2. I can only imagine. And Suzy was WAY more accepting and comfortable in her own skin then Mollie was in the beginning. I know to expect some freaky, out-there, totally wild-and-reckless sex from her!

    (they say it's always the quiet ones that will blow you away, but I wouldn't put it pass the OG's! lol, that's what Suzy is, at least to me!)



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