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Author Of The Month: September 2010

Sabrina Jeffries

"In the last 11 years, New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries has penned 18 Regency romances and four novellas — becoming a regular on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists and winning more than a dozen industry awards in the process.  
Photo by David McNeese, McNeese Fitzgerald Photography
New Orleans-born, Thailand-reared, Jeffries attributes her success to listening to what peers, her publisher and her own common sense told her she should be writing: “I write what I enjoy reading: lighter, sexier historical romances, with more dialogue and more sensuality.”  

Writing about 19th-century English life comes naturally for Jeffries.  Not only is she a lifelong Jane Austen fan, but she has a doctorate in English lit from Tulane and a specialty in Early Modern British literature.  Yet the impetus for her stories, Jeffries says, is always “what if” — not what if her hero likes this or that, but what if this happened and this happened ... what would it do to a person?
And she writes, she says, because “I can't not write . . . I have stories in my head, and I have to get them out.”
Today, the novelist has more than 4.5 million Sabrina Jeffries books in print.  She writes at her home in Cary, N.C., where she lives with husband, Rene, and their son, Nick.  When not answering e-mails as she logs miles on her treadmill or doing jigsaw puzzles (“my reward for finishing a book”), Jeffries can be found championing the cause of autistic children in the name of her son." sourced from the author's page on Jeffries' website

-I personally LOVE this author to distraction! All of her books are just butter-to-bread beauties! I think what Jeffries does with a pen (or keyboard) is what John Travolta did for Grease (huh? lol). My first read by her was 'A Dangerous Love' and I just loved it! I will be featuring Sabrina's books in review form on the blog a lot in the coming weeks, so look forward to that!

*Also, check out the Sabrina Jeffries content I have right here on the blog: click here
And there is your Author of the Month for September 2010
*For more info on Sabrina Jeffries, you can visit her website:


  1. Wow, Rita, thanks for featuring me! I'm honored, and I hope you enjoy Hellion!

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  3. I've read all but the Deborah Martin/Nichols books (I do have a couple of them). I'm pretty sure I've read all of the novellas as well, although I'm not sure about one.

    I liked "Let Sleeping Rogues Lie". I also like the "Prince" series. Ms. Jeffries is a "go to" author for me -- one I read when I need a book that I'm at LEAST going to like, if not necessarily love.

  4. Oh, and sorry about the Uncle Walter post -- I was signed in as my husband!

  5. @Sabrina, Thanks for being such an amazing author. As readers, we tell you how much we enjoy your books, but not so much the act of your spending countless hours writing, editing and writing on a deadline, just to give us the storys which make our hearts sing! Thank you for all the work you put into your books.

    And @ The Wife, yea. She's a go-to author for me as well! I have 'let sleeping rogues lie' in my TBR pile (soon as I pick it up from the library). I want to try the Deb Martin/Nichols books too! (& np with the UW comment. I am constantly catching myself leaving comments under my other email address! lol)

  6. I've only just discovered Sabrina lately but I fully intend to work my through her whole backlist!



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