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'The Claiming Of Suzy' by KT Grant -Review-

   A delicious read, perfect for some Friday night indulging! 'The Claiming Of Suzy' is filled to the brim with lovable characters, interesting storyline, and all the driver-seat sexcapades you could ever want.
   Sassy and sensuous Suzy Bean is ready to make her move on the guy she’s always had a ‘thing’ for. He may be one hunky, tall, dark and handsome Alejandro of a masseuse with ab’s of steel and bedroom eyes that could send grandma into cardiac arrest, but Suzy is confident in her own skin and plans to drive one J.C Mosino absolutely wild.
   When she finally confronts her attraction to Mosino, Suzy is optimistic at the idea of where their spontaneous living room activities will end up. But once J.C. opens his mouth and says some incendiary comments, Suzy isn't sure how they will be able to move forward.
   And then, in walk Xavier Marks- new partner at Suzy's job, and an irresistible smooth-talker who reins in his attentions and focuses on Suzy! Now the choices have been laid out and someone’s got some 'Claiming' to do.

[Read an excerpt: here]

Major aspect to the plot in a sentence: Suzy Bean knows what she wants, or at least, she thought she did.
   At the thirty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration for her parents, Suzy Bean gets slightly tipsy and the gallant J.C. Mosino whisks her back to her apartment to recuperate. From there, quite simply: it is ON! This is all a part of Suzy’s grand master plan to take her flirtatious friendship with J.C. to the next level. Back at the apartment, Suzy finally makes her move and to her overwhelming joy, J.C. couldn’t be more enthusiastic. They share passionate kiss after steamy, passionate kiss; or perhaps it’s that same kiss that started it all, just deliciously prolonged.
   Eventually they find their way to the living room couch and as J.C. helps himself to Suzy’s ‘honey pot’, he can’t help himself and spills passionate words of praise that leave Suzy a little less than flattered. If you made a move on the man you’ve had the hugest crush on, and he actually kisses you back and THEN some-only to liken your stomach to a ‘soft, downy pillow', wouldn’t you be a little disappointed as well? J.C. further makes an ass out of himself, believing he’s done nothing wrong, and can only vaguely imagine why Suzy would slam the door in his face and refuse to open up-in more ways than one!
   While Suzy gives J.C. the silent treatment, she is also quitting smoking (cold-turkey) and giving up caffeine. Suzy, a woman accustomed to never deny herself a good smoke, a double espresso latte, or a good screw, now finds herself without any of her vices.
   Luckily-or maybe frustratingly- for Suzy, her sufferings are tempered by the flirtation and attentions of a sexy new man in the office building. A fine, tall glass of chocolate milk indeed, Xavier Marks is not only looking in Suzy’s direction for some fun, he’s also her BOSS!
   Xavier’s intentions, while often joked upon, are sincere and he makes Suzy feel great about herself during a time when everything’s confusing the hell out of her. She still can’t seem to get over J.C.’s insensitive words or figure out what to do regarding their relationship. All the while, Xavier wants to move in where J.C. dropped the ball, but Suzy can’t  help hesitating when her heart screams for another. Misunderstandings aside, can Suzy truly give up something that could be potentially wonderful in exchange for what her confused little heart has always wanted?
   At the end of the day- or Halloween gala- the best man will win and Suzy will get thoroughly claimed.

Rating: 3 1/2 Red Roses
My Favorite Part of the Book: Is when Suzy first meets Xavier in a coffee shop and doesn't know he's her soon-to-be boss. He's flirting with a barista who doesn't give-in to his charms, then he sets his sights on Suzy. It was just a generally cute scene because it's so obvious Xavier enjoys flirting, and Suzy calls him out on his crap, but she can't help feeling hooked-lined-and sinkered by his suave words.
   If you’re looking for that patented KT Grant heat, you'll definitely find it in this novella. If you’ve read, 'For The Love Of Mollie', you are familiar with Suzy's character and probably expect nothing but sexual bliss throughout the 129 pages. Think again! While it does get hot and heavy (just the way we like it), there was a considerable amount of restraint that you wouldn’t anticipate. It was story, not a karma sutra. I admit to looking out for sex scene upon sex scene, but Grant put more depth into her characters and plot than I expected to see. Suzy is confidence personified, but when J.C. made a comment about her stomach, you saw her tough wall come down a bit. She had insecurities and indecision plaguing her left and right, but when everything came together at the end, you had a smile on your face because you realize you were rooting for her the whole time. The only thing that had me wincing a bit was the dirty talk. I am a little miss-ish and sentimental when it comes to bedroom vernacular and Grant's will definitely go outside the box and around the corner! But just like any great roller coaster -you'll enjoy the ride, regardless if you're a little faint-hearted ;).  I read this on a Friday night with tons of chips ahoy and it felt luxurious! Indulge yourself and read this one!

[Special thanks to the author
for sending the PDF for review]

* And if Xavier left an impression on you like he did with me, prepare for his story! 'Xavier's Loving Arms' will be released by Decadent Publishing soon (will keep you posted with a date!)

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  1. Ah! So there's more of Xavier to come. Excellent. I'm sure he'll handle the K. T. Grant touch admirably.

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