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On the 4th Day of Christmas My True Lord Gave To Me...with Jenn LeBlanc (+ Giveaway)

4 Horny Lords with Jenn LeBlanc

Jenn LeBlanc has several constants in life that define her:
Colorado, Canon, CJ, kids and curls.
Born and raised in a household of other people's children in this beautiful state —very nearly with a camera in hand— she never left. She talked about escaping; but that never happened. She started her own family, got used to the curls, went to college, built a CJ, and started a business, all with a camera in hand.
She always had another passion. Storytelling, born from daydreams and nightmares. Her fingers were not as quick as her mind, and no amount of practice got them there. Then her second daughter was born, and her inherent traits kept Jenn pinned to the spot, her only escape the keyboard. Spending her days in parenting chat rooms, she can still type fast with just one hand. 
Jenn lives and thrives off chaos and the constant flow of the creative process. She is currently working on illustrations for another novel.

Find Jenn Online: Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

My name is Jenn and I am the author and photographer behind THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE, an ILLUSTRATED romance. Yes. Illustrated, with photographs. The most exciting thing happens TODAY...TODAY!!! And I get to share it here with ALL OF YOU which makes me so happy because Rita is one of the most wonderful and amazing bloggers out there. She has been such a great support and friend, and I can't wait to hang out with her again like we did last year at RomCon. Did she share the picture I took of her with Derek? Perhaps if you nag her she will. ;) (Rita: Never. But pretty sure the readers can find it by googleing: "crazed pervy fan goes into cardiac arrest when met with the object of her visual fascination")

This scene focuses on the Rake, Perry, and his friend Ender. It takes place soon before his brother, the esteemed Duke of Roxleigh, the hero from THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE, arrives in London after nearly trampling a girl with his horses. Ender will be appearing in a new book set to release Spring 2012 titled BETWEEN A FRIEND AND FOREVER. 

All I Want For Christmas Is A Lord Under The Tree

by Jenn LeBlanc

Perry’s brother should be coming soon because he had been directed to procure a wife post haste. Her Royal Highness wanted to ensure his line continued in the right hands, and for that Roxleigh—His Grace Gideon Alrick Trumbull, 10th Duke of Roxleigh that is—his dear brother, would be attending the season.

What fun. He looked forward to making the rounds with his reclusive elder. His brother was such a stickler for propriety, he wanted—no, needed—to loosen him up a bit.

He pondered the way of things. Simple timing made his brother the heir, and he the spare. But would he have it any other way? He looked to the mass of hair bobbing in his lap. No, most likely not. His honor would keep him from having much fun in life, as his brother's honor had done to him.

Perry supposed he had been rather unpaticipatory and groaned a bit then shifted. She smiled up at him, her warm mouth wrapped quite soldily around his cock. He watched her tongue play around his shaft behind her teeth. There it is, he groaned in earnest and his head fell back.

"That's the thing there Love, oh yes. Quite." he shifted further into her and took a handful of hair. "Oh no, less teeth if you please, dear." He tensed and looked back down to the excited bob of curls with a broad grin.

No, he most definitely was spared by not being born the heir. He felt a tingle start in his toes and he curled them in his boots, then pressed them into the floor as it spread up his nerves and he moved a hand to her nape to slow her movements. "There Love, ah...with your tongue just a—" he grunted and tensed then shifted his seat again leaning back a bit as his thighs bunched forcing his hips from the chair. He held her curls and her nape, thrusting just so as he spent himself.

The woman leaned back on her knees, one finger tracing her lips before tucking between them and smiling up at him. "Well My Lord, I have missed you," she said quietly.

He opened one eye on her, "Since last eve? is that so?"

"Aye My Lord, twas only last night, but you're better to me than most will be. At least I know you have no honorable intentions toward me."

He winced then reached for the placket of his trousers and arranged himself and stood, setting himself to rights. "Well my love, let us find someone who will do right by you. I've no doubt we could find a gentleman in need of a wife with your particular...tastes."

She laughed. "There's no need for that, I've already lived my love story. I'm a rich woman and I can live as I please now—that is all that matters to me. What of you my dear Trumbull, have you any prospects?"

He stood. "Dear me no! And give up my nightly tryst with the most beautiful woman in all of London?" She stood and put her breasts away as he watched, then she smacked his cheek. "Pardon, was I staring again? Such a perfect bosom should not be hidden from eyes." His hands twitched forward as if to give them one last good squeeze, but they fell short when she turned.

"Do attempt to behave properly won't you? It won't do for me to stare at your wonderful cock all night, I expect the same courtesy."

Trumbull felt his eyes widen. Thought they might just escape his head for a moment so wide they were. She turned for the door, "Please give me ten minutes dear boy. It won't suit to be seen rejoining the party too soon behind me."

"Behind you then, perhaps next time—"

She clucked her tongue and swept through the door. He followed much later, perusing the Marchioness’ library for a while before determining it has been long enough for her to be settled in the ballroom.

He walked slowly toward the doors of the ballroom only to be intercepted by his old friend Hugh Garrison, The Right Honourable Baron Endsleigh. “Ender!”

“Damn me Perry but this rout is a pain. Are you quitting? Let’s head for The Bottoms.”

“Well, I wasn’t intending to, however—”

Ender took his shoulder and turned him for the door. “Is your carriage here? Mine is...indisposed.”

Perry stopped and turned to him. “Indisposed? If you be here, then who be indisposing your carriage my friend?” he said with a cockney accent.

Ender grunted. “Agatha, the trollop.”

Perry laughed. “You realize she is only using your carriage to make you jealous.”

“Please, nothing could be further from the truth. That woman has every man she wants and is still allowed in society. Why is beyond me, but there it is. She has no need for another husband. It would weigh her down.”

“Yet you allow her your carriage?”

“She is a friend.”

“Would you allow me your carriage?”

“God no man, you would have the springs out by noon tomorrow. It cannot nearly handle your traffic.” Ender winked.

Perry gaped. “Well, then that leaves us with the Bottoms, though I’m not much sport.”

“Oh? The Marchioness has you spent already does she?”

“Damn it all Ender lower your voice.” Perry grumbled as he waved on his coachman. “And what of you and the chit you’ve been chasing? Isn’t she due out soon?”

“Amelia, yes. Soon.” His friends eye clouded and Perry shoved him at the carriage.

“Listen there’ll be none of that tonight, if you must pull me from the bosom of the most wonderful tease in London I won’t spend the night trapped in maundering.”

Ender grinned, “There’s a new girl at the Tip n’ Whistle.”

“You don’t say? Well, you’ve not a chance Ender, no doubt the ladies have already informed her of me.” He waggled his brows and grinned, realizing in the dark carriage the moment was entirely lost. The rumbled along the London streets, the wheels crossing deep troughs made by the recent snow.

“I have no doubt they’ve informed her of your exploits, and she will choose to stay far from you. On that note— no crossing swords tonight.”

“There was entirely too much wine involved that night, must you continually bring it up?”

“Yes, to be sure. I’ve no idea why the women swoon at you, waking up next to you was kin to waking up next to a tiger, all bad breath and growling.”

Perry elbowed him in the kidney. “You were three women separated from me in that bed.”

“I was and yet I was offended!” Ender shifted and pushed Perry away as he chuckled. “Damn me but I do need a night of two much wine and not enough memory.”

Perry eyed him, “as long as you keep the women between us I am game for... nearly anything.”

Perry shifted on the soft blanket, then frowned at the wet chill against his back. He opened one eye against the bright light of day and attempted to assess his surroundings.

"What the bloody hell?" He looked up through the branches of a very full evergreen, then rubbed his eyes. Monumental mistake number one: following Ender to the Bottoms. He groaned and flipped over to his knees, attempting to avoid the low branches of the tree as he made his way out into the park. Ah Grosvenor, not far from home then.

He looked back to the tree, wondering if anyone else was hidden beneath the boughs when he saw a streak of pink careening across the park, away from him. Oh dear.

He looked down to find himself relatively intact, even his cravat in attendance, though terribly askew. He would call on Ender later today, find out what tree he had crawled out from under. He wandered toward his townhouse, ever wary of prying eyes. The sun was bright but rather low, so he was hopeful it would only be talk amongst servants, and not peers.

As he entered his townhouse, his eyes scanned, looking for evidence that they had ended up here...before the park. Merry bloody Christmas. Nothing seeming out of place he vaulted the stairs and went straight to bed, with white sheets of linen this time, instead of snow.


Want some more of Jenn LeBlanc's work?

A woman out of time.
A man stifled by propriety. 
A nemesis determined to take her away.
A brother to the rescue. 

How will a powerful Duke deal with a woman who doesn't know her place? How will a woman used to the 21st century survive in time where she is considered property?

This is PART ONE of a SIX PART SERIAL NOVEL. They have to be read in order to get the story. If you have already read THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE- this is completely re edited with new scenes. (However, if you do not want to re-read, you can pick up the story at PART FIVE.)

Pick It Up Today!:
Part One in  the serial is available on Amazon.com: HERE
Try the full first edition of the novel from: Amazon | Barnes&Noble | iBooks

Note: FREEDOM : THE RAKE AND THE RECLUSE : Part One is out today (Just released)!! Only $1.99 via Amazon! The book has been completely re edited with new scenes and being released as it was meant to be, a six part serial novel! YAY!! Be one of the first to own and read part 1 of this exciting, reworked serial novel!
Appearances- Jenn will be attending the RWA conference in 2012 and planning some reader fun either before or after the conference, so stay tuned on her blog, and she's also attending Authors After Dark in New Orleans (more fun stuff planned there), and also currently working on her registration for RomCon which is in Colorado.

Jenn: So today I am going to give away something very special, the complete serial novel, in six parts. You will receive it every two weeks when each part is released starting with part one today. The book is an eBook only, that's how it was meant to be read. I've included a few images for the story too. Because THAT is what I do. 
Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts on her scene and her books if you've read them and fill out the raffle copter form below to be entered!

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Good Luck everyone and Happy Holidays!


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    That is correct Di!! Love my ereaders. This was born of my love of them. :)

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    “God no man, you would have the springs out by noon tomorrow. It cannot nearly handle your traffic.” Ender winked.

    Now I'm curious as to what happened to Perry and how he ended up waking up under a tree. LOL


  32. Ha! Pam I might just have to turn this into a novella as much as everyone has loved it. I love both Perry and Ender, and I'm so happy to bring their stories to readers this year. But showing them as friends was fun. :) crossing swords *snort*


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    Thank you for this opportunity.

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  41. I hate to say this, but I read this and still have no idea what exactly the point if this it.

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    Have a great day!


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  44. Awesome idea to put pictures in the books! I think it makes everything better and you can visualize everything! Loved the scene, thank you so much for it! =)
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